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Crypt Keeper by K.A. Young Molly Maddison #1 Publication Date: October 21, 2014 Genres: Dark, Fantasy

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Book 1 in the Molly Maddison series

Molly Maddison grew up in a funeral home that unfortunately backed up to the largest Insane Asylum in the state. Very few understand what happens after death, Molly does. While other children were playing in the park with their living friends, Molly was in the cemetery playing with the dead. To say she is troubled is an understatement. Now Molly has a new plan, to attempt to lead a normal life, and ban the contact with any of the dead. Realizing that she is madly in love with one of them was never part of that plan. However neither life or death ever go as planned and Molly is called upon to perform her role as the family Crypt Keeper… Is she up for the task? Only time will tell.

Chapter One Excerpt

“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.” ~ Helen Gurley Brown

The alarm blaring on the bedside table woke me out of the dead of sleep. “Ugh,” I groaned, picking up a pillow and chucking it at what I hoped was the general direction of the annoying tones. When the alarm didn’t cease I surrendered, cracking open one eye to read the time. I went from drowsy to full-out panic mode when my mind registered eight thirty-five p.m.“Holy Mother of God!” Flinging the blankets off the bed I vaulted forward, only to find that my left leg was tangled in the bed sheet and I went down knee first onto a kitchen chair. “Idiot, stupid ass monkey piece of shit!” I shouted the instant the pain registered.

Wrenching my leg free and shoving the chair aside I sat down on the floor and assessed my injuries. I’d have a nice bruise on my knee and shin, otherwise, nothing serious. Then I remembered I was working on curbing my need to use profanity every other word and snapped the rubber band on my wrist twice, wincing at yet another sting of pain. I’d been reading this self-help book recently that swore by this technique. The wristband bad habit treatment is designed to take you out of your own head and snap you back into reality. The wristband treatment will act as a reminder to those with habitual undesirable occurrences that they need to overcome their bad behaviors. I wasn’t convinced in the method; however, if I ever planned on working with children my potty mouth needed to go.

Standing to my feet, I picked up the chair and walked it back into the dining room where it belonged. I should know better by now. The furniture being moved around the house, the dishes in the bathtub and all my frozen foods set out on the counters to spoil was a common occurrence in my tiny apartment these days. He was mad at me again. They all were. I’d left him…er, them. No, I wasn’t going there. I didn’t move over one hundred miles away to dwell on the past. “Never look back, Molly. The past is a wilderness of horrors.” I quoted my favorite line from the movie The Wolfman. I did, however, replace Lawrence’s name with my own. I would have gone a lot farther if it wasn’t for my younger brother still living at home there. I was always available for him, mostly. All right, I’d been a shitty sister but my intentions were honorable. Thankfully he didn’t have the curse. It skipped him and I was glad.

Suddenly I realized that the alarm was still going off in my bedroom. I made my way back into the room, which didn’t take longer than a few seconds since my apartment is a whopping seven hundred square feet that consisted of a tiny kitchen, living room/dining room combo, a bathroom that I could barely turn around in and bedroom. After shutting it off I began to dress in jeans and a black t-shirt that had Party like a rock star written across the chest. Being a no-frills kind of chick, jeans always seemed like the obvious choice for any and every occasion. I pulled my dark brown hair back into a ponytail and bent down to slip on my chucks.

“You aren’t seriously going to wear your hair like that, are you?” a voice behind me asked. Shrieking, I nearly jumped out of my skin again. “Holy shit!” Turning around, I faced the intruder and narrowed my eyes at the young woman dressed in leather pants, biker boots that belonged to me and a red tank that read Bite Me! Her hair was dyed jet black with dark green chunky highlights today. The color was always changing but her razored-at-the-chin hairstyle was always the same. She stood there smirking at me with her hands on her hips. “Aren’t you a little too old to continue with these ridiculous pranks?” Not knowing her actual age, she and I had estimated it around twenty-four or so, the same as me.

She rolled her eyes and plopped down on my secondhand sofa that had seen far better days. “After all these years you should be used to it by now. I mean, really Molly, you’re too easy.” “Jewels, I bruised the shit out of…” I snapped the band on my wrist. “I mean bruised the dickens out of my shin!” The past twelve years we’ve been friends she’d never told me her real name. I assumed it was Julie—hence “Jewels”—but wasn’t certain. I’d asked her a million times over the years, and she’d always reply with the same answer: My old name is as irrelevant as my past. That name died along with that part of my life. I didn’t agree with her; her past was obviously relevant. For the sake of our friendship I’d let it go.

She rolled her caramel-colored eyes and blew a giant bubble in the gum she was chomping on. When it popped she shook her head. “I don’t know anything about that.” She eyed the rubber band on my wrist. “What the hell are you doing to your wrist there? They locked people in solitary for less than that on my ward.”

Ignoring her reference to her institutionalization period because the mere thought of it made my heart hurt, I answered her question. “I’m trying to clean up my speech. No one will hire a pediatric behavioral therapist that swears every other word. I’d gotta run—I’m late for class. Don’t mess up my boots, they’re my favorites.” Snatching my sling bag off the back of the dining chair I went out the front door, closing it behind me.

Guest Post & Contest

Hi! I’m K.A. Young, an Indie paranormal romance and fantasy author. Thanks so much for allowing me this guest post on your amazing blog.  I’m hosting a contest whereby the winner will be given a part in (The Molly Maddison Series).

Here’s a little background on the contest: Enter to be written as a character in my Molly Maddison Series. I’ll create your character using your name, description and personality. I already know which character you’ll be and without giving away too much, this character is: * integral to the storyline * And will play a part in all future books in The Molly Maddison Series.

The winner will get: * A written part in the Molly Maddion Series 
* The ability to read the book before it’s released to the public 
* Added to the Acknowledgments page of the book 
* A signed (with dedication) paperback copy of the book * A signed paperback copy Crypt Keeper (Book #1) Simply complete the questionnaire and GOOD LUCK!


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About the Author

KA Young K.A. Young is a paranormal/fantasy romance author that lives with her family in the South. She began writing because her mind was swimming with incredible stories that were begging to be told. Her love for reading began as a small child when she realized that a good book was an instant escape to a mystical land that could be reached anytime and from anyplace.

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