Dead Meat: Prequel to the D.O.A. Series

On a beautiful early-fall evening, a couple is attacked in Times Square by a seemingly deranged vagrant. An ER unit is dispatched to the scene and returns to the emergency room with two victims, one seriously injured, the other dead on arrival.

Or so they think.

The prequel to the Zombie D.O.A. series follows the events leading up to the zombie epidemic, as a seemingly routine ER call spirals quickly out of control - with deadly results.


My Review
Terrifyingly fast paced zombie storyline and I loved it!

About the Author

One day the world will end. Someone has to tell the story, right?

JJ Zep is a musician and author who describes himself as a vegetarian, horror-and-fantasy-fiction-loving heretic and a citizen of nowhere.

His twisted post-apocalyptic tales will frighten, enthrall and entertain you. They'll creep you out and make you laugh and maybe even get you to shed a tear or two.

You'll find heart-stopping action and gore a plenty, if that's your thing. But you'll also find humanity, heroes and heart. After all, stories (even one's about the end of the world) are ultimately about people.

JJ Zep lives in the south of France with his wife, two dogs and three cats.

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