Evangeline:Gothic Mistress of The Dead (Pilot Episode)

This is the pilot episode of the Evangeline series. Evangeline is a young beautiful Gothic woman with some paranormal abilities. She is a grief counselor who works with a number of clients, who seek her help.

She specializes in patients who recently lost a loved one. She comforts them in their time of need and helps them move on with their shattered lives. She was also born with a gift that involves the dead.

Follow this exciting series and learn more about Evangeline's other special paranormal abilities. Each episode will be jam packed with romance, mystery and action as you follow the life of this Gothic Mistress Of The Dead.


My Review

It's the pilot episode so I'm giving it 4 stars as it has my curiosity at a high peak. Can't wait to see where Evangeline takes us as she heads to the cemetery.

About the Author

John E. Kelley, Sr. ;
I currently live with my family in Wisconsin and am awaiting old man Winter now like everybody else. If you have read my books, then you already know what other books I have written.

I have just launched a new series called, "Evangeline:Gothic Mistress of the Dead." I published my Pilot Episode today and also The next book...Episode One. I am especially proud of these books as they give me a chance to show that Goths and Vampires are just as human as everybody else is. They are true individuals who just choose to live another way. That's all...just different and different is not so bad. You will always have my respect and understanding. Remember this: we are all different each in his or her own way...don't judge too quickly or you might be judged wanting.

I am also very proud my wife of 35 years. She is a kindle author too. She writes under the names; Cindy J. Kelley and C.J. Kelley. Her books are so great and I love them and so will you.

My son; John E. Kelley, Jr. is also a kindle author and writes under his own name. He also designed all of our book covers for us and is a very talented artist...like his Mom. I love to write very much and I hope that you enjoy.

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