Isabel and The Wolf Part Two

Publication Date: November 5, 2014


Peter drove fast on the bumpy road, his low-slung car rebounding from one tire furrow to the next. Trees crowded into the windscreen, pale ghosts in the headlights. Isabel squeezed her eyes shut in terror, biting down on her lower lip so she wouldn’t make a sound.

Abruptly, the car came to a stop. She heard the driver’s side door opening and her eyes flew open. Peter leapt out and came around to her side. He opened her door, leaned in, and lifted her out, wrapped in the pelt.

She looked up at him, wide-eyed, barely able to see him in the darkness. She had the curious sensation of being unable to recall what he looked like. His features seemed elongated, more angular than before. He inhaled deeply through his nostrils.

"You’re scared?” he said in surprise.
“No. Well, a little. It’s just – I was worried we’d have an accident in the dark,” she said, in a small voice. "Oh.” He laughed. “Don’t worry – I could see perfectly well. And I know the road. You weren’t in any danger.” Isabel tried to laugh, but it came out as a dry, cracked sound.

“I’m sorry, we can’t drive here, as the path is too narrow, so I’ll have to carry you. It’s not far though,” Peter said. He reached inside the car and picked up some more pelts, before nudging the passenger door shut with his knee. Then he straightened up and, with Isabel in his arms, strode deeper into the woods.

My Review:

Hotter and Steamier Than The First 

I love when a continuing story picks up where it left off and the storyline continues to get better and steamier as we go along. Don't pass this book up. Highly recommended! 

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