Jinxed (Jinxed Trilogy) Book One {Free Book}

Sixteen-year-old Eliza Thorn was never supposed to see the people with the white eyes like marbles, hear whispers in the dark and have knowledge of a hidden world. And she wouldn’t, if Eliza wasn’t good at stealing.

When Eliza fails to return the jeweled pin from the obviously too-rich-for-her-own-good lady accidently drops, everything changes. Now she sees white-haired, white-eyed people walking among oblivious humans. Realizing she’s the only one who can see them, Eliza thinks she’s hallucinating and on the verge of insanity when one of the white-eyed people saves her from a demon. This is her first encounter with the glass people—who’ve lived here undetected for hundreds of years.

What Eliza didn’t know was that the pin was an initiation coin never meant for her. Now, she’s bound to serve not only the guardians who made the coin, but also to a demon, gorgon, and the glass people who’d put their mark on it. The only way out is to kill those she’s bound to, but they also hold the key to Eliza’s past—a past involving things she never knew.

With worlds colliding, Eliza is a pawn in their game, and she may have the power to decide the outcome.


About the Author

.M. Gavillet was born in Illinois a long time ago, and still lives there with her husband, two children, and a variety of animals on their hobby farm in west central Illinois. She enjoys planting flowers as much as writing and tries to do both when life isn't interrupting. She has been spinning stories since she can remember.

"Gathering of Blackbirds" is her first urban fantasy novel for young adults.