Not Even There

A short story approx. 5,000 words

Roger met Libby for the first time and would do anything to be with her. She's beautiful and popular. He and his best friend are not. Quite the opposite. But then his friend tells him a secret and Roger's whole life goes into a tailspin that he may never get out of.

It could be a matter of life and death.


My Review

This was a completely unexpected short story that captured me and kept me in its grip until the end. Mr. Sharp has a way of giving life to his characters and shows just how far someone can go when they allow betrayal to consume them.

After reading this short story you will want to find and read more of this author's work. Job well done Mr. Sharp!

About the Author

J. Scott Sharp has been writing for much of his considerable life, but only just now decided to take it seriously at 48. This makes him a little crazy. At least his wife Marti and his two dogs, Sumo and Tnur think so.

He has his degree in psychology, which qualifies him for nothing except understanding what you're thinking. At least he likes to think so. He also thinks he understands what you're feeling, but that's a whole other problem.

He lives in Arizona where he splits his time between watching TV on DVD, working, and writing. His hobbies include stage and close-up magic and reading until his eyes won't stay open. Closed eyes make it harder to do stage magic, but he tries.

He is the author of short stories Not Even There, Three Blackbirds, and Cold-blooded and The List of Five Series.

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