The Elder Origins {Free Book}

Madison’s home has been destroyed by a deadly attack by the French army. She has no choice but to follow her brother Jamison to the New World in search of new lands untouched by war, famine, and disease.

One problem. The Native Americans foresaw the coming of the white man long before they ever arrived. And they have no intentions of letting Europeans discover their lands.

Bre Faucheux's exciting novella series, THE ELDER ORIGINS is a historical fantasy with sinister blends of medieval warfare, young love, Native American legend, and vampire lore that will excite anyone with a taste for the macabre and alternate versions of history.


My Review

Love finding a book that captivates me within the first few lines. Characters seem so real and the story progresses very smoothly. Can't wait to see what happens to Madison next!

About the Author

Bre Faucheux is an author of dark fantasy and paranormal romance.
After travelling to England as a kid, and living there in later years to satisfy her yen for cobblestone streets and medieval castles, she is an avid lover of all things European history related. Her stories always have dark, twisted, and entertaining takes on the most exciting and adventurous periods of history.

When she isn't writing, you will find her reading, cooking, playing with makeup, or eating way more Blue Bell Ice Cream than should be legal.

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