THEM Episode 1 (Season 1)

Scratch Sullivan is a professional monster hunter eking out a living after the zombie apocalypse. Z hunter, some would say... but he hunts more than just zombies. You see, there are deadlier predators roaming the Outlands, where the fallout and some very nasty inhabitants have made it impossible for all but the bravest and most foolhardy to venture.

Thing is, Scratch is happy enough with the odd job killing THEM and occasionally shacking up with his on and off girlfriend, Kara. But when a powerful vampire tips him off to a potential invasion of werewolves and zombies into the safe zone he protects, he's forced to head straight into the heart of the deadlands to find the truth about the threat his people are facing.

THEM: Episode 1 is the first installment in a series of short zombie novels, and a daring new entry among the ranks of post apocalyptic fiction best sellers on Amazon. Fans of paranormal fiction, werewolf books, vampire novels, and zombie fiction will love reading THEM.


M.D. Massey has been a soldier, an emergency room technician, a fitness trainer, a truck driver, a martial arts instructor, a cook, a consultant, a web designer, and a security professional. He also spent six weeks in law school before deciding that, if he was going to lie for a living, he'd do it honestly as a fiction writer. M.D. lives in Austin, Texas with his family and a huge American Bulldog who keeps him company while he writes the sort of books he likes to read. Connect with him on Facebook.

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