My Devouring Love: Surviving the Dead (Book 3)

When we last left Abby she had finally found Jeremiah. But she soon saw that one of the guys she loves, either Jeremiah or Conner, had been bitten while trying to rescue Ava.

As the group fights their way off of the farm, they try to find somewhere safe so they can tend to the wounded. But the dead are everywhere and it proves to be a challenge for Abby and the group.

The group finally finds shelter but it’s not too long before marauders find them and try to take their supplies, causing the groups death toll to rise.

As Abby’s losses start to add up, so does the tension within the group, causing Abby to question some of the others motives. While Abby wants to try and save everyone she can, no matter what the cost, the others are just trying to survive the dead.

Find out if Abby and the others find sanctuary and if the man she loves survives as well. Who lives and who dies will all be revealed in this final novel of The My Devouring Love Series.

My Review:
I laughed and cried as I read this book. Unexpected twists and turns and every book picked up where it had previously left off. Everyone should read this series of books.

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About the Author:
Donna Neville-Theiler is the Author of My Devouring Love series. She is from Louisville, Kentucky.

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