Jars of Clay by Lee Strauss {Free Book} {Book Review}

Publication Date: October 1st, 2012
Genre: Y/A, Historical Romance
Daughter of a wealthy and respected Roman citizen, Helena Vibius is only sixteen when she falls for Lucius, a servant in her father's house. Ambitious, Lucius wants to seek his fortune in Rome, and asks Helena to tutor him. She agrees—against her better judgment—and through a series of secret lessons, the two fall in love, knowing if they're caught, Lucius will pay the penalty with his life. 
And then there’s the unfortunate matter of Helena's pending arranged marriage to an unpleasant man from Carthage. As her wedding day approaches, will Helena follow Lucius to Rome (risking both their lives), or keep her duty to her father?
My Review
From the first page I was hooked and pulled into the Romans time of slavery and the sexist views of those times. A sweet love story that pulls at your heart in such a way that you quickly find yourself falling in love with the characters and I'm looking forward to reading the second book. 
Meet the Author
I'm the author of the Minstrel Series (contemporary romance), the Perception Series (young adult dystopian/science fiction) and young adult historical fiction. I also write fun, lower Young Adult (teen) fiction to do with whimsical things like time-travel, fairies and merfolk (with a nice helping of romance!) as Elle Strauss. Other trivia about me: I'm a married mother of four; I sometimes live in Canada and sometimes Germany; I'm fond of dark chocolate, and soy lattes; I like yoga, cycling and hiking in good weather.



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