Isabel and The Wolf Part Three {Book Review}

Genre: Erotica
Published: December 13th 2014
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Book Blurb

Stunned by what she's just seen at Peter’s house, Isabel flees to the forest. In her shock and confusion, she veers off the main track and can’t find her way back. The possibility of spending a night lost and alone in the Gila wilderness suddenly becomes very real. Just as her panic reaches its peak, Jed, the sexy sheriff comes to her rescue for the second time. Isabel can’t help but be tempted by Jed’s easy-going charms, but it’s not long before Peter’s onto his scent, and the consequences prove explosive. 

There’s no way that Peter’s going to get away without some explanation for his recent behavior, and being pushed into a corner somehow brings out his softer side. It seems like, maybe, just maybe, Peter could be boyfriend material, but the full moon is near, and disaster is following close behind. 

Isabel and The Wolf: Part Three is a 26,500 word novella and the third episode in the new werewolf erotic romance serial by Ariana Hawkes. It contains cliffhangers. It also contains strong sexual themes and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.



Book Excerpt
{Provided by Ariana Hawkes}

“You agreed to submit to me, which means that you’re mine. Jed knows this, so tonight I had to stop him. And that I will not apologize for!” The woods rang with the power of his voice. As she looked at him, something changed in his face. His features seemed elongated, his cheekbones sharp and prominent. She inhaled hard in fear.

“Isabel, wait,” he said, and ran into the forest, out of her sight. She waited, straining her ears, but hearing only the creak of the bull pines, swaying in the breeze. 


My Review

Ariana gave me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. So, what can I honestly say about this book? HOT! HOT! HOT! Isabel and Peter's "relationship" continues to evolve and damn it is intoxicatingly good! Ariana continues to keep us wanting more and I'm loving how her writing style gives us the extra steam that we crave. The climatic ending of this installment has left me hungry for more and I can't wait to see what happens next now that the blindfold is gone.

Meet Your Next Favorite Author

Ariana Hawkes

Ariana graduated in English and Latin lit. Since then, she's been writing full time, for both work and pleasure. When she's not doing that, she loves reading literary fiction, fantasy, romance and erotica, and snuggling with her man and their two huskies. 

She had always loved the idea of serials - cliffhangers, dynamic writing, the thought of the writer sitting up all night to get the latest installment finished - and was sad that they weren't in fashion anymore. So she's super excited that ebooks offer the perfect format to bring this exciting writing style back to life again!