Vampire: Blood of Egypt by Kevin Ashman {Review & Excerpt}

Review and Excerpt



Vampire: Blood of Egypt
Author: Kevin Ashman
Publication Date: December 10, 2013

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When Egyptologists open the lost tomb of a long dead king, they are astounded to find another body entombed alongside him. But this is no ordinary mummy. Not only is it dressed in the manner of a commoner, it also contains a few blood cells that only seem dormant. 

Becky Ryan, a museum researcher, receives a macabre message from her father, just before he is found dead and follows the clues to uncover what is either a massive hoax, or the greatest ever discovery in the history of mankind. 

What she uncovers is beyond her wildest dreams…..and darkest nightmares


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The woman raised a finger and, without warning, the four slaves fell on Abasi, pinning him to the ground. The warrior struggled for a moment, but then screamed in pain as a stone hammer smashed one knee into pieces. No sooner had the scream finished, when a second scream rang out around the canyon, as the second knee went the way of the first. The slaves fell upon him again, and wrenched his arms backwards beyond their natural limit, dislocating them from the sockets.

Abasi was barely conscious as the woman leaned over his helpless body, her pure black eyes reflecting the dancing flames of the fire.

‘You are about to die at the hands of a God, soldier,’ whispered the old woman, ‘Keep your council and the pain will last for hours. Say my name and it will soon be over.’

‘I will not,’ groaned Abasi, ‘it is forbidden.’

The woman pulled away to allow the approach of one of her slaves and watched without emotion as he cut away the leather armour to reveal Abasi’s chest. Without hesitation the slave’s sharp knife sliced through skin and flesh, until the whites of the ribs could be glimpsed through the flowing blood.

‘Say my name, soldier,’ said the woman quietly.

‘Nooo,’ groaned Abasi.

Again the slave set to work, this time plunging his hands into the wound and forcing the ribs apart to expose the cavity beneath. Abasi passed out in pain, but a pungent substance waved under his nose, immediately brought him around.

‘I can make it stop, soldier,’ she said soothingly as she gazed down into the pulsating pool of blood within his chest, ‘All you have to do is say my name and all this pain will go away.’

Abasi looked up through tear filled eyes. He knew his life was over, but he couldn’t stand the pain any longer. The never-ending depths of black from the old woman’s eyes met his gaze and Abasi’s rambling mind could swear he could see the souls of thousands of men, floundering in their depths.

‘Say my name, soldier,’ she said.

‘Sekhmet.’ he whispered, ‘You are Sekhmet.’

A look of contentment filled her face, as her scrawny hand reached out to wipe his brow, much as his mother had done when he was an ill child.

‘That’s right,’ she said, ‘your people do indeed call me by that name. Sekhmet, goddess of war, bringer of destruction, mother of death, but that is just one name amongst many that I bear. I am known by thousands of names to thousands of cultures, Soldier, for I am Sekhmet, nightwalker of Kemet.

Her lips peeled back in a grotesque smile and Abasi’s eyes widened one last time in horror as they focussed on the row of pointed yellow fangs that filled her mouth.

‘Nooo,’ he moaned, ‘please don’t.’

‘Remember my name, soldier,’ she hissed, the stink of death on her breath, ‘and take it to hell.’

The screams that went before were nothing compared to the last scream of the commander as it echoed around the canyon. As he died Abasi’s last conscious thought was of those terrible pointed teeth, tearing at the still beating heart within his chest.



I started reading it right before bedtime and couldn't bring myself to put it down! The story switches back and forth between present day and the time of the Pharaohs. Vivid imagery keeps you glued to this fast paced storyline and the characters seem to pop out of the page pulling you into the horror and action. This is the first book I've read written by this author and I'm definitely going to read more of his books. If you love reading vampire books then this is a definite must read.




Hello there. My name is Kevin but I guess you've already worked that much out for yourselves. Thank you for taking the time out to read about me and By doing so, I assume you have enjoyed 1 or more of my books.

My style of writing hopefully drags the reader into stories of the unexpected whilst staying true to historical facts, escaping reality for a while and transporting the reader to another time, another place.

I hope you enjoy them.

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