Revelations by Jennifer C. Lewis


Revelations by Jennifer Carole Lewis 
Publication date: January 30th 2015 
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance


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For millennia, the lalassu have existed at the fringes of society, hiding in the shadows. But someone is determined to drag them into the light.

Dani has spent years fighting against her family’s urges to take on the mantle of High Priestess for the lalassu. Stronger and faster than any ordinary human, she has no interest in being a guide for her people. She likes being independent and enjoys her night-job as a burlesque dancer. But a darker secret lurks inside of her, one which threatens everyone around her.

Isolated and idealistic, Michael works as a developmental therapist for children, using his psychometric gifts to discover the secrets they can’t share with anyone else. When one of his clients is kidnapped, he will do almost anything to rescue her. The investigation leads him to a seedy little performance club where he is shocked and thrilled to discover a genuine live superhero.

Michael and Dani must join forces to save those they care about from becoming the latest victims of a decades-long hunt. But the fiery chemistry between them threatens to unlock a millennia-old secret which could devour them both.

The clock is ticking and they will be faced with the ultimate hero’s choice: save the world or save each other?



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Rick’s Gas and Go was a blemish of light squatting in rural darkness. The GT convertible screamed into the empty lot, laying down rubber as Dani spun to a halt. Jumping out, she shouted. “Eric? Vincent?”

No answer. Only faint whispers of the wind moving across empty fields. The station was long closed for the night with no one to question or ask for help. Her mouth and lips were dry as she scanned the area, and her hands kept tightening into fists. She pushed aside the fear threatening to lock her in place and began to search.

To Dani’s eyes, the deep shadows of night were easy to pierce—a world washed in blue and indigo. Blocking out the harsh lights of the station, she studied the sparse weeds struggling to survive in the thin soil, nothing higher than her ankle. No ditches. 

“Vincent! Eric!” she shouted again. Nothing stirred.

Dammit. Spinning back, the light from the station blinded her. The phone. It was just outside the deserted convenience store, a relic from the days before cellphones. The heavy receiver swung from its silver cord. Squatting down beside it, she inhaled deeply, running the air through her nose and across her tongue. Beneath the stench of oil and gasoline, she caught the coppery tang of fresh blood.

Fuckshitcrap. Despair hammered at her. She and her brothers had always stuck together, taking care of each other when no one else bothered. In a flurry of constant relocating and hiding, her brothers were the only ones she could rely on. Their parents had certainly been too preoccupied with their own challenges to notice what their children were going through. She’d come as fast as she could when they’d called. But it hadn’t been enough—another failure.

Moving slowly over the ground, disturbing the air as little as possible, she swung her head back and forth, trying to track where the blood scent came from. Her artfully disheveled coiffure and two inch heels were a nuisance now, so she kicked off her shoes and whipped her hair back into a practical ponytail as she skimmed back and forth close to the ground, inhaling deeply like a bloodhound. There. Off to the side and partially in shadow, a pile of old pumps and fragments of broken machinery was the only cover available near the cold bright lights. With Vincent hurt, they would have hidden rather than fight.

Studying the jumbled bits of metal, Dani noticed something that didn’t belong. Fresh flakes of rust and scratches dotting the concrete in a six foot swath in front of the pile. Picking up a cracked alternator, she found fresh marks in the metal. The pile had been disturbed and then put back to avoid leaving obvious signs of a struggle. She shoved the junk aside and revealed something she’d hoped not to find.

Fresh blood smeared on the ground.


Finding Your Inner



Burlesque is the art of expressing yourself through dance, comedy and sensuality.  Size, shape, height, none of it matters.  All that is important is finding the inner spark for yourself.

Want to try it out for yourself?  Enjoy these tips from the Blue Curtain Club and the Jewels of the Night:

My name is Onyx and I’m a burlesque performer.  Which is very different from being a stripper.  Burlesque has a long and raucous history.  We ruled the stage in the golden twenties, thirties and forties.  Pretty much until TV.  But we’re still here and still ready to make you laugh and blush at the same time.

So you want to try your hand at burlesque?  It’s fun and easy and every girl should try it at least once.  Here are a few simple and helpful tips.

Elastic is your friend.  You know what’s not sexy?  Struggling to remove clingy clothing.  Even the most gorgeous gal (or guy) can cross the line from diva to dorky when hopping on one foot to try and get a flimsy scrap of fabric off.  Professional dancers know the importance of elasticized fabric (such as spandex).  It can cling when you need it to and then stretch nice and wide, leaving you room to wiggle and shimmy as it smoothly slides off.

Easy pull snaps and zippers.  Stuck fastenings can eat up a lot of floor time.  A smooth zipper can be a tease, a little down and then a little up.  Burlesque is all about the tease and reveal.  Tear-away snaps let you mount your own shock and awe campaign on the audience.  Full length evening dress?  Gone in an instant, leaving you in corseted splendor.

Be confident.  Body shape isn’t important in burlesque, it’s all about the attitude.  Find your inner sex goddess, whether it’s channeling Kirsten Vagsness or Twiggy, Cindy Crawford or Angelina Jolie.  Own the stage from the moment you set foot on it.  Know that you are sexy and beautiful.

Find the funny.  Humor is what distinguishes burlesque from plain old fashioned stripping.  Give your audience a surprise, make them think you’re about to open a corset but instead whip out a prop like a feather boa or a lace handkerchief.  Find a ridiculous combination, like doing a strip-tease to a Disney song.  Engage with the audience to set up jokes, like “I have two assets which help in my business, my big, beautiful … eyes.”

Enjoy yourself.  This is the other part which really distinguishes burlesque from stripping.  Watch a burlesque show and you’ll see genuine smiles on the performers’ faces.  They’re having a good time and you should, too.  Figure out where you’re comfortable and stick there.  It doesn’t matter if you’re stopping at a corset or going down to pasties.  You’re entitled to have just as much fun as the audience.

It’s all about the layers.  Anyone can yank off a top when they’re not wearing a bra and flash the audience.  It’s the performance equivalent of a quickie.  Sometimes that’s what you want, but a real connoisseur can provide more.  Most burlesque performers will end up in pasties and a g-string but how they get there is the most interesting part.  Did they start off with balloons and pop them one by one to the 1812 Overture?  Unwrap themselves from a sarong like the best party gift ever?  Did they hide behind a feather fan to let little bits peep out?  Or did they start in a mascot costume?  The possibilities are as endless as the combinations.

Have a good pick-up partner.  The trouble with all those layers is that eventually, someone has to retrieve them.  A pick-up person is the unsung hero of the performance.  Their job is to pick up all the bits on stage and usually to set up props for the next act.  For a private performance, this is less of an issue but out in public, make sure someone is grabbing your discarded costumes.  And remember to always throw backstage.  I’ve lost more panties from bad aim than to bad dates.

Glamour gorgeousness.  You are beautiful.  You got it, flaunt it.  This is the time to be larger than life and twice as fabulous.  Fantastic eye makeup, elaborate hairstyles (provided you can move with them) and gorgeous clothing full of sequins and sparkles.  All of it for you.

Don’t worry about the dancing.  A sense of rhythm is helpful but not crucial.  Some of the best performances have been done to slow songs without any sense of beat.  Use the mood of the music to enhance your actions.  

It’s always more fun with friends.  Women can be the most catty, vicious creatures on earth but we also support our fellow sisters like nobody’s business when we have to.  A few like-minded friends allow for plenty of theatrical possibilities and take the pressure off you as a single performer.

In the end, a burlesque performance should reflect who you are.  No one can be really comfortable pretending to be something they’re not, even for a few minutes.  If you’re an exhibitionist, go all out.  If you’re shy, tease them into a frenzy.  Like to cook?  Come out in a Suzy Homemaker costume.  Into horses?  Whips, leather and riding habits.  This is an invitation between you and the audience.

See you on stage.




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Jennifer Carole Lewis is a full-time mom, a full-time administrator and a full-time writer, which means she is very much interested in speaking to anyone who comes up with any form of functional time-travel devices or practical cloning methods. Meanwhile, she spends her most of her time alternating between organizing and typing.

She is a devoted comic book geek and Marvel movie enthusiast. She spends far too much of her precious free time watching TV, especially police procedural dramas. Her enthusiasm outstrips her talent in karaoke, cross-stitch and jigsaw puzzles. She is a voracious reader of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction and always enjoys seeking out new suggestions.


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