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Book Genre: Charity Anthology, Veterans

Publisher: Indie

Release Date: March 9, 2015 

The poems and stories included in this anthology, written by various authors, tell of veterans outside of war, of how their sacrifice of service changed their lives long after the war was over. Although some of the messages of the sacrifices of war are sadly timeless, they speak of unsung heroes, and I say unsung because nothing we could ever do for them would ever be enough to say thank you for all they gave. With that said, with these poems and stories, we will give what we can. 100% of the profits made will go to charities for veterans.
To all who have served and to all of those who love them, we offer our undying gratitude because it is all we truly have to give you for your sacrifices, told and untold. So, we give what we can to honor you, to say thank you, and to, in some small way, give back. Although it could never be enough, a million thanks or a million dollars, we pray we can help some of the many who have given so much, so selflessly, and then suffered even as they fought another battle, the battle to go on…

Table of Contents:

We Go On

An Enemy That Haunts My Mind by Alan W. Jankowski

Wailing Wall by Judith Turner-Yamamoto

A Soldier’s Dream by Steve Morse

No Man Left Behind by Terry Rozum

Waging Peace by Kelly Talbot

Just a Humble Hero by John Hansen

Dead Man Walking by Robin Merrill

That Time We Brought Some Veterans Down to Mexico by Evan Harris

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Gregory Roorda

The Demons Will Someday Die by Shruti Fatehpuria

To Love Again by Anita Stienstra

Journey of a Hidden Life by Julie Seedorf

She - A Brutal Truth by Liberty Samantha Michael

The Mind of a Shrimp by Robert E. Bergmann

Exit Wounds by Lana Bella

Not Perfect, Still a Hero by Jason W. Huschle

Shadows of the Past by SL Berg

Finding 'Peace with Honor' by Robert Morgan

A Soldier’s Cry by Kelley Hutchison

Coming Back To Life by Kiki Howell

My Dad, My Hero by Stephen Quinn

We Go On


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About the Editor

Kiki Howell: I graduated from Kent State University with a Secondary English Education degree in 1993. I’ve been a published author since 2007, currently having over 40 stories published with 11 different small presses. I’ve worked as a publishing administrator and an editor, and have successfully self-published a few of my own stories over the last few years. I’ve been an Ohioana Author and my most recent novel hit three Top 100 Category Bestsellers Lists on Amazon.  

I’m publishing this anthology in honor of all who have served, and for me specifically, in honor of my father, William D. Quinn, who 47 years ago was wounded serving his country in Vietnam (Vinh Long) with the 175th AVN Co earning himself the Purple Heart and Bronze star:

"For heroism while engaged in serial flight in connection with military operations against a hostile force: Specialist Quinn distinguished himself by heroic actions in 15 Feb 1967 in the Republic of Vietnam… Although seriously wounded his outstanding display of aggressiveness, devotion to duty, and personal bravery is in keeping with the highest standards of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army."

Please help support this cause - All Proceeds Go To 
Charity. You can help by purchasing the book, bravelets 
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Charities Include but are not limited to:

Project Homefront, PTSD

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All Profits Go To Veteran’s Charities!!!!

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