Escaping Grace {REVIEW}


Escaping Grace
(Turning Grace #2)
J. Q. Davis
Published:  February 19th 2015 
Genres: Young Adult, Horror, Fiction


“I could never get used to this empty feeling inside of me. I felt heartless…devoid of a soul. I felt like a monster.”

It’s now safe to say that Grace Watkins is definitely not your typical teenage girl. 

In the span of just one night, she managed to get caught up in her very own horror movie. Although her hasty decisions led to some…horrifying consequences, Grace finally feels like she might have made the right choice.

After finding out she isn’t the person she thought she was, Gracie’s journey of self-discovery continues. Only this time, she’s winging it alone. Without her overprotective mother or the ones she cares about, she agrees to accept (kind of) who she truly is and embarks on a whole new life in paradise…surrounded by others with similar “interests”.

But just when she thought she has escaped all the lies, Grace finds herself in the middle of the most twisted one yet. 

How will Grace and her fellow Zombrids handle the hidden agenda that’s in store for them?




Book One



I LOVED reading this!!! This book picks up where the first one left off. Grace is now on the island and acclimating to her new life along side the other Zombrids and her bodyguard Vito. However; things aren't as they seem and new revelations will blow your mind and drop your jaw wide open as we continue to learn about the serum and its creator. 

J.Q. Davis continues to weave a new twist on zombies that finds you quickly being pulled in. The story line and characters are strong and well executed and the gruesome scenes contine to turn the stomach. I simply cannot wait to see where the author takes us next with this series.



J.Q. Davis currently resides in the desert of Southern California. She and her husband were stationed there due to her husband's orders in the Marine Corps. She has no children, but considers her pooches, Lucy, Cassie, and Bella, her daughters. She is eagerly awaiting her return to New Orleans, Louisiana to be with her family and friends. In the meantime, she will continue to add more pages to Turning Grace.






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