Haunted Echoes by Emma Bloom {REVIEW & GIVEAWAY}


Haunted Echoes
by Emma Bloom 
Release Date: 07/20/15







The world sees Abby as unsavory, making her feel isolated. But she most certainly isn’t alone. Everywhere she turns she hears disembodied voices, sees things move as if by unseen hands. Bullies constantly torment her, threatening what remains of her sanity. Her mother is too busy trying to fix her craziness to see what is truly happening.

Abby is tired of the world around her, and wants nothing more than to escape. When her life spirals out of control, she is invited to Hildebranch Academy, a school for spirited kids like her. Can Abby learn to live a normal life?




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I received an ARC when I signed up to host the book tour. I made no guarantee of a favorable review.

Abby is a high school student who just doesn't have to deal with her tormenting bullies but also with the voices she hears. No, she isn't schizophrenic; she hears the voices of the spirits of those who have passed on.

After an unfortunate incident, she ends up in the hospital and then moved into the psych ward. Little does she know how much her life is about to change. A new school, new friendships and a deeper bonding with her mother is all she needs to begin to grow and stand up for herself.

This well paced story line with well developed characters draws you in emotionally. The author's writing abilities left me craving for more of her stories and I eagerly await the release of the second book. 

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Author Emma Bloom, that’s me! I was born in southern Illinois and am the youngest in my family. From an early age I found a great love for reading and dreamed of one day creating books that would capture the minds of young readers. I am an avid lover of all things paranormal, even though I admit I’m the first to duck and cover in a haunted house.




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