Persuasion (Ambrosial Acres #1) by Jannette Fuller



Persuasion (Ambrosial Acres #1)
by Jannette Fuller 
Release Date: 04/29/15
Splice Publishing
160 pages




Agent Yagil is a seasoned Guardian Angel, but his newest assignment is going to take every bit of strength and commitment he has.

Seventeen year old Amber Reynolds is looking for freedom and independence from her ridged lifestyle. Going behind her parents’ back, she takes a part-time job at the renowned Inn located within Ambrosial Acres.

As Agent Yagil watches over Amber, he discovers that despite its mysterious beauty, Ambrosial Acres hides a dark and supernatural secret.

Between Amber’s new coworker crushes, her menacing stalker, a mysterious online stranger, and the evil Agents out to lead her down a path of self destruction, Agent Yagil faces the fight of his career.

Life is all about choices. Can he help Amber make the right ones, before it’s too late? 




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Amber’s eyes shimmer with fascination. “What is this place?” she says, staring out into the meadow of dandelions underneath the moonlit sky. 

“Honestly, it’s just an extension of our backyard. But I call it Arcadia. The place where the supernatural exists,” Josh replies.  

She looks over at him, eyes wide.  

“What?” he says with a small grin. “I’m serious. I’ve seen things here.”
“Like…what?” she asks, her voice dropping a few octaves.
“Angels,” he says with a solemn expression.  

Amber stares at him—stupefied. 

“Are you okay?” he asks. “I didn’t mean to freak you out.”

“Well, you did. But not in the way you think,” she begins. “Millions of people believe in them, and so do I. It’s just when you said it…the way you said it…something resonated within me. Like a confirmation that maybe—I’m not crazy after all.”

“Trust me. You’re not. They really do exist.”

She smiles at him, looking relieved. “Well, that’s good to know.” And after a pause, she adds, “I don’t know about you, but when I see them, they look like—”

“Balls of energy,” he says, finishing her sentence.

“Yeah,” she whispers, giving him a sidelong look.

Josh takes her by the hand and leads her across the meadow. They stop at the bottom of the hill and as I tower behind them, I gaze up at a weeping willow shimmering beneath the starry sky. A summerlike breeze sweeps over the tree, unveiling a tire swing underneath its long, narrow leaves.  





Jannette Fuller is the author of Persuasion (Book One in the Ambrosial Acres Series).  She lives in the beautiful and majestic mountains of Boone, North Carolina with her husband and children. And even though she loves coming up with fantastical ideas for her stories, and bringing them to life, she fancies other things as well: exercising, going on nature walks, watching Netflix, recording on Singsnap, drinking coffee, and she enjoys foot massages too, but that only happens when her husband's in the mood to give her one.





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