Tiny Tragedies The Sundry Files: An Alt World Book by Laila Raimes {REVIEW}



Tiny Tragedies
The Sundry Files: An Alt World Book 
by Laila Raimes
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press LLC 
Publication Date: October 10, 2014
Genres: Erotica, Paranormal Romance





After years of abuse, Sundry is rescued and brought into a world she didn’t know existed; a world that is both enticing and dangerous. Not only does she find out vampires, were’s, fairies, and others exist in a world called Alt, but she happens to be one herself, and has an Ability to prove it. 

After being rescued from her kidnappers, she finds out that she has multiple personalities—literally. There are remnants of Sundry out in the world living their lives separately from her. Now it’s up to Sundry and her sponsor—and sex-friend—Jordan, to locate and reunite them with Sundry. There has never been an Alt like Sundry, and no one knows what to expect when she reunites with her remnants. 

Sundry has never been able to live in the human world. Can she survive in the Alt world?

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  








Tiva was getting restless after we had something to fill our bellies aside from the numerous shots we had thrown back. It was good to be around someone I considered my friend. I’d never had any and the ABI did keep me under lock and key now that I thought about it. I was glad I came.

Tiva left me to fend for myself after basically telling me that if I wasn’t going home with her tonight, she’d have to find someone who would be. So she snuck off on her own and went in search for a one-night-stand.  I stayed on the dance floor, joining up with a group of faeries and elven females when I saw Reina. She was hovering in the air above the dance floor, her wings beating softly.

“Reina,” I called. 

She didn’t hear me. 

I jumped up and barely made it back on my feet without breaking my ankles in the heels I was wearing, but I had made contact with her ankle. She looked down at me and smiled. I motioned for her to come down and when she did, I asked her if she’d seen Jordan. She really liked him and I figured if anyone had seen him recently it would be her.

“I saw him upstairs a little while ago, in the lounge.”

I lifted an eyebrow. I was a little surprised at his exhibitionism, but glad that he was having a good time even if it wasn’t with me. I had no right to be jealous though I will admit my heart contracted when she told me that. 

“Thanks,” I said. As long as he was safe I didn’t care what or who he was doing.

She flew back up rejoining the other faeries. I went back to the bar for a beer when an arm reached over my shoulder with a shot in hand. I knew in an instant who it was. I turned and was pleasantly surprised to see Gabriel there. He looked just as delicious as when he had pulled me into his arms earlier. I took the shot and threw it back without hesitation. 

He stepped forward and leaned close to my ear. “Now where were we?” Heat rose in my lower lips and an ache began to form. After thinking about Jordan for a fleeting moment, I made a decision; I would be sleeping with this vampire tonight. He ran his fingers as far down my back as he could, without actually touching my ass, leaving a trail of fiery tingles in their wake. It was a touch with intent behind it and it lit me on fire.  I wanted to jump him right there; screw the lounge, we have a floor, stools, and a bar; what else did we need? But he was going to tease me for the rest of the night.

He led me to the dance floor, his hand still resting on my spine, then pulled me into him. With my heels I was only a few inches shorter than him, he could’ve easily craned his neck and kissed me fiercely. But he didn’t. Instead his finger ran from my collarbone, in between my breasts—without touching, I might add—to the V of my dress. He hooked a finger inside and drew me closer to him. We were so close I could feel his breath on my lips. He ran his lips over mine, barely a touch and a chill ran through me.

 He smiled.

 His hand went to the bare skin of my hips and I felt a flutter within my stomach. He was watching me, he never took his eyes away from mine. For a brief moment I wondered if staring directly into a vampire’s eyes was such a good idea, but when I was able to break contact, I figured I wasn’t doing anything I didn’t want to. I felt his fingers slip beneath the sides of my dress, and my eyes instantly went back to his; I opened my mouth slightly, giving him an invitation to take what he wanted.

His tongue slowly made an appearance; he leaned in and lightly licked my bottom lip then pulled back when I leaned in for more. Shit.  In that moment my entire body felt like one big nerve. I felt myself pool between my legs, my hair raised, my heart rate rose. I was nothing more than Desire. He leaned in, it was barely noticeable but I saw his nostrils flare, then he gave me a cunning smile; he was going to make me work for it. I was up for the task, I ran my hands over his stomach and felt hard abs. He wasn’t as muscular as Jordan was but he was lean and defined. I was going up for his chest when someone bumped into me. 

I turned and saw Reina covering her face, her emotions were running high and all of it was mourning. I looked into Gabriel’s beautiful green eyes and before I knew what I was doing, I said, “I’ll be right back.” And I went after Reina.

It was a mystery to me why I was leaving a gorgeous man, and a night of certain pleasure for a faerie who usually ignored me. But there I was, ignoring the pulse down below, ignoring my racing heart and following Reina to make sure she was ok.

I followed her into the ladies room. “Are you ok?” I asked. She was running cool water and wetting a napkin.

“Sunny?” She sounded surprised and apprehensive.

“Sundry,” I said. She ignored me.

“I’m fine, just too much to drink I guess.” 

The tears reluctantly stopped falling and she dabbed her face with the cool napkin. “Thank you for checking on me, though.”  She began fixing her hair, turned to me and with a smile left the bathroom. I didn’t let my confused curiosity get the best of me. I left and went to look for Gabriel. I found him, and the same tall vampire with her red-painted nails on his chest. Never being the possessive type, I decided my time here was up. I’d be pleasuring myself tonight.

I left Variant. The air was so cool compared to the club that it made me cough when I inhaled. My shoes clicked and clacked along the cemented ground and I found myself feeling as if I was being watched again. I kept my eyes and ears open, but didn’t see anything, not even in the shadows. The cool midnight air was giving me shivers and a sudden breeze blew by me. Up ahead, leaning against a building, was Gabriel.

“What kind of gentlemen would I be if I let you walk home alone?” he asked me with his heavy Irish accent. I’d nearly forgotten about that, what a turn on.

I looked up and felt a gaze on me from above. I wasn’t alone. Gabriel took my hand in his and though it was cold, I felt a warmth settle over me as we made our way to headquarters. “You know, if I’m going to sleep with you, I should probably know your name.” My heart sped up. I’d forgotten Jordan hadn’t introduced us when he interrupted our little tryst. “Sundry.” My voice was throaty. I couldn’t help but imagine how he was going to feel inside me.

“Sundry, that’s an interesting name, lass.” He held the door open when we reached the building, and placed his hand on my spine as we made our way to the elevator.

“So is Gabriel, at least for a vampire…”

“Are you not afraid of bringing me up to your room? I do bite.”

“I’m counting on it,” I said pressing the elevator button.

“Besides, I can take care of myself.”

“Is that why Jordan was following you around earlier?”

The elevator beeped and the doors opened. I stepped inside and grabbed him by his belt loops, pulling him in after me. “You’re not here to talk about Jordan,” I said. I hit my floor then pushed him up against the wall. I slipped my leg in between his and ran my hands over his chest. The elevator came to a stop soon after it started and an older man joined us in the car. This time I behaved myself. I was after all, at headquarters.

As soon as we reached my floor, I grabbed his hand and led him to my room. I had left the door unlocked because I didn’t have any place to put a key. I turned on the light and was going to face him when he swiftly pinned me against the wall and leaned his hips into me. My entire back felt alight with sparks. He ran his hand down my back then turned me around to face him. He locked his gaze on my eyes. He spread my legs and leaned in, one hand on the wall above me, the other running up my thigh.

I arched, my hips wanting to meet his. My hands ran up his chest and I felt the soft but firm muscles beneath, I wanted my tongue over his nipples. I slipped him out of the light leather jacket he wore and it fell to the floor with a soft thud. My hand ran up his shirt over his chest and to his back, the contrast on his skin made him shiver. I smiled at him and he lowered his head, his breath on my lips. His hand went up my side and I grabbed his ass firmly and pulled him close.

We knew what we were here for, no need to be coy. He let out a soft moan, and I moved my chin up, closing the distance between our lips. I kissed him shortly, just lips on lips as my hand ran the length of his waist. He sucked in a breath. I kissed him again, deeper; my tongue just grazing his. His hips pressed against me and his hand ran up the back of my thigh until it was firmly placed on my ass. I moaned, and he parted my lips with his, his tongue grazing mine. It was intense as if sparks were dancing on my tongue; his eyes still never left mine. Then he pulled back, leaving me breathing heavily. He stared at me for a moment and I held his gaze. I grabbed the hem of his shirt, pulled it over his head and ran my eyes over his body. He was beautiful. I kissed his chest and licked his nipple, running my hand along his inner thigh, just shy of making contact with his sex. 

His head went back and when it came back up his eyes were full of desire and lust. He lifted my arms above my head and went in for the most passionate kiss I’d ever had. He ran his hands over my breasts and I groaned. His tongue found my neck and I sucked in a breath, wondering if his fangs had extended. I pulled at the button on his pants and slowly unzipped them. My hands found his soft locks and I pulled hard on them roughly kissing his neck, licking his Adam’s apple. A guttural sound came from his throat and he began unlatching the sides of my dress. 

His cool touch came to my nipples and though already hard, they peaked some more, throbbing beneath his pinch. I ripped his pants down and his boxers came down with them. I felt his cock hit my thigh and I looked down and my eyes grew wide; he was nearly as big as Trigger and for a brief moment I wondered how that were possible. I realized I was staring, my mouth agape. I blinked and met his eyes. He smiled at me and lifted an eyebrow. I unlatched the rest of my dress and let it fall to the floor.

“Fuck,” he said, his hands grasped my sides and ran up and down. He pulled me into him, his nose went to the crook of my neck and I heard him inhale. He said something in a language I didn’t understand, then he lifted me off the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist, holding on tightly, feeling his cock bouncing off my ass. I’d had enough of this foreplay; it had started hours ago and I wanted to feel him inside me. I reached down and ran my fingers over his shaft, none too lightly. He moaned, loudly, walked me to the bed and laid me down. His mouth found my nipples and he nipped me. I closed my eyes and ran my leg up in between his, making contact with his cock and putting pressure on it.

He leaned over me, his arms straddling me and kissed me hard; our tongues battling fiercely. My hands raked his strong arms, feeling his cool, taut muscles beneath my warm hands. He shoved his fingers inside me and I gasped and arched in pleasure. His fingers massaged me slowly, deeply. He put his full weight on me, he was heavy but I didn’t care. I reached between us and stroked him, his head came into the crook of my neck and I felt teeth on my shoulder. 

“Get inside me,” I moaned.

“Not yet.” He ran his tongue over my breasts, sucking them into his mouth, down my waist, he bit my hip and licked my inner thigh. He lifted my right leg over his shoulder and began circling the outside of my sex, each lick getting dangerously closer and closer. I clutched at my blankets, my knuckles white. With one slow, long lick he tasted me.

He moaned and I felt heat blaze between my legs.

“Fuuuuck,” I said. He did it again, my hips moving to meet his tongue. His licks began getting faster, shorter, quick flicks of his tongue on my clit. Oral sex with a vampire is better than using a vibrator. Take my word for it. I grabbed his honey-gold hair. Unintentionally I was moving backward; he grabbed my hips and pulled me toward his mouth, sticking his tongue inside me, once, twice, three times. His tongue returned to my clit and I exploded; I came so hard I screamed. Then he was kissing me roughly; just the way I liked it, his hands traveling all over my body, caressing each curve, each mound; every part of me felt as if it were working toward one single goal, a climax.

I rolled him over and straddled him. My eyes roamed over his gorgeous face, his muscular arms, his wide chest, his ripped abs. I began imagining him contracting beneath me as I rode him until I couldn’t think straight. My hands held down his chest, his hands were on my hips. I split my legs apart, lowering myself onto him, slowly. He wasn’t having that. He bolted upright and pulled me down penetrating me deep. I yelped. “Feck, you’re so tight,” he said pulling my hair back, licking my neck.

I ran my nails down his back and nipped his ear. His mouth found mine again and he flipped me over grabbing the edge of my bed. He was partially in and began slipping out slowly, gently. “Faster,” I moaned. I didn’t have to say it twice. He let me have it. He pounded me, repeatedly, until my bed was in tune with his strokes. I felt myself swelling again. He began rubbing my clit with his skilled fingers, then flipped onto his back. I leaned back and he grabbed a handful of my breast. I was on the verge of coming again. I ran my hands down his hard thighs and cupped his balls in my palm, softly massaging them as I ground against his hips. I was biting my lower lip trying to keep myself sane. It didn’t work. I gripped his hard legs and squeezed as my entire body tightened around him. He gripped me tighter when I came, ramming me from below. 

“Holy fuck,” I yelled. It felt as if fireworks exploded within me, the intensity so strong my muscles shook. He grabbed my head and brought my lips to his, our teeth scraping with the insatiable need for more. I went pliant in his arms, my mouth still drinking him in. “I’m not done with you yet,” he said. He flipped me onto my back, pulled out and rolled me onto my stomach. He rested on his left forearm. His mouth nibbled my ear while he ran his hand up and down my back, then down my ass and between my legs. “You ready for me again?” he whispered. I moaned in response.

 Gabriel leaned over me and opened my legs with his, he leaned into me, his head just at the entrance. Slowly he came inside but only his tip. He teased me like this at least five times. “Stop teasing me, I want you back inside me.” He wrapped an arm under and over my shoulder and came inside a bit more. I shivered beneath him. He pulled out then without preamble shoved himself so deep inside me I nearly came. “Deeper,” I bit into his forearm; he obliged. My heart was hammering, I could barely take in enough air. His strokes grew shorter, faster; he cupped one of my breasts, pinching the nipple hard. I gripped the bed and cried out softly.

He shoved himself in deeper, his movements becoming erratic, unpredictable. His growls filled the air between our bodies coming together fiercely. It felt devilishly good. His hand moved down my waist to between my legs. He started playing with me again and I was soon feeling ripe. “Come one more time for me,” he said, his tongue grazing my ear.


I felt a light brushing of his fangs against my shoulders and the thought of him sinking his teeth into my neck made me more aroused. I started moaning, louder and louder; with each stroke of his finger; each stroke of his cock he brought me to a new level of pleasure until I could bear no more. I stiffened, my eyes tight, my thighs closed around him and I came again. He moved faster, faster than I thought possible and I felt another wave getting ready to break. He grunted long and rough, and held his position deep within me; I felt the warmth of his cum fill me. Two more strokes and the wave crashed over me so hard I clenched around him again, milking more cum out of him. He growled, gripping my hips tightly then collapsed on me. 

I was left sopping wet.




I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. I made no guarantee of a favorable review.

This book is simply outstanding and not a typical read. We meet Jennifer a.k.a Sundry.  This young woman was abducted at a very young age and held for years as a sex slave causing her psyche to fracture into multiple remnants that split from her body and live their own lives and all with unique gifts or aspects. Jordan is Sundry's handler and he is crazy about her but understandably she has guards up to protect herself while Jordan himself has been keeping a secret from her. 

This book is a suspenseful and intriguing read full of supernatural beings with all sorts of abilities. The graphic sex scenes are intoxicatingly HOT and every turn of the page keeps you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this gem of a book. As for myself, I look forward to reading more of Laila Raimes books. 

I give this book:





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Laila Raimes grew up in the Bronx and moved to upstate NY for her last year of high school-according to her: It sucked!! She now lives in upstate NY with her 11 year old son.

Laila is an indie author--except for the Alt World Series--who writes fictional characters about angst's a female can go through from depression to abuse, and how they choose to deal with the issue and/or overcome them in a fantasy/paranormal romance setting.

Some of her works are deep or considered controversial--the Alt World Series--as they delve in detail into abuse, whereas others are meant to be lighthearted and just fun. She also has a series that is in-between.

She's sarcastic funny & her family thinks she's crazy for several reasons, but most recently because she told them the best chip to use as a weapon when ninja stars are unavailable are Lays potato chips--original of course. According to her, "They're as thin as razors." Who can argue with that logic?

Her favorite phrases are "Oh snap & Word," and her favorite hair color is blue/black.

She hopes you enjoy her works and sincerely appreciates the time you take to leave a review. (More so if you enjoyed her work than if you didn't ;)









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