Review of Everealm (Everealm #1) by J.D.W. {GIVEAWAY}


(Everealm #1)
by J.D.W. 
Release Date: 10/31/14



Breestlin cannot escape her destiny to become ruler of her father's kingdom, but she never planned to become queen at twenty-three years of age. Upon the return of her first love, Rowan, Bree must quickly learn how to adapt to both her new responsibilities as a ruler and her inability to suppress her feelings for Rowan. To make matters more difficult, her outcast uncle, Silas, has declared himself to be the rightful heir of Junacave and will stop at nothing to get what he desires. This forces Bree to seek the assistance of the wizard, Dagan, who in a twist of fate discovers much more about his family (and himself) than he could ever imagine.

Romance and danger await, as we journey through Everealm, the first book of the Everealm Series.

Adult content. Intended for mature audiences. 








I received a free copy of this book when I signed up to host the review tour via YA Bound Book Tours. I made no guarantee of a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are my own.

Before I begin let me say that I found the cover of this book to be pleasing to the eye.

Now, if you love reading books about royalty and their drama filled lives then you will definitely want to read this and if you also enjoy romance, then know that you have hit the jackpot. The story line kept me glued to every turn of the page and the author's world building creativity made me feel like I was there experiencing it all. Instead of telling you who my favorite characters are I will tell you which characters I hated with every fiber of my being; Vacilla and Silas as they truly made life a living hell for the people around them.

I found the characters to be well written and I loved reading this book. This book contains just the right amount of romance, drama and adventure. I will definitely be reading the second book. Kudos to J.D. Wright for a fantastically written fantasy.

I give this book





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Writing has always been a hobby of mine, beginning as a young child. It was a way to cope with losing my father at seven years of age. I started with poetry and was featured several times on the amazing poetry blog, Autumn Leaves, by Sondra Ball. My love for poetry soon led to writing songs in middle school and beyond, which I still do occasionally. Music has always been an important part of my existence, so writing songs came naturally to me. In high school, I started my own novel, however, life got in the way and I never finished it.

Fast forward many years later and I find myself married with three children, absorbed in my busy life with commitments to my family, work, school, church, and charities, among other things. One day I came across my old binder, with notes from my first novel, and it was with those notes that I conjured up the elusive Everealm.

I write to please readers such as myself, who have a love for fantasy and romance, but like a little danger and sex in their reading. I wrote the book with a mature audience in mind, who can appreciate a hearty imaginary world with magic and the unknown, but want more than fluffy love stories with wizards in them. They want the romance, magic, and danger, all wrapped into one.













  1. Thank you for an awesome review and I hope you will check out Wildfire! You're the second reviewer this week to express your distaste for Silas and Vallica! Hahaha! Is it wrong that your pain makes me happy? I've tried to make my villains "despise-able". :)

    1. It is definitely not wrong of you as it was your desire to accomplish this! I love that you made me feel that way via your writing!