{Book Review} Love Thyself by Layla Stevens

Love Thyself 
by Layla Stevens
Genres: LGBTQQ,New Adult,Suspense




Warning: This book is graphic in nature. 18+ is advised. 

Have you ever felt like you were different, like you didn't belong? Kellie Kingston knows that feeling all too well. She’s not who she pretends to be, instead from the inside out, Kellie is actually Kaleb. For years, Kaleb has wanted to break free from the reins of Kellie’s lifestyle. He knows he was born in a female’s body, but with a soul of a man. What happens when skeletons are forced to be kept in dirty closets? No one should judge a person by the gender of their body, but the passions found within their heart. Will the people of Kaleb’s community ever be able to accept him for who he really is? Will Kaleb ever be free to truly love himself or will southern socialite secrets keep him hidden forever?








I received an ARC when I signed my blog up to host and promote the release of this book. I made no guarantee of a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are my own.

When I read the book's synopsis I knew I had to read it as my fifteen year old son, correction, my fifteen year old daughter told me less than a year ago that she will be transitioning from male to female as soon as it is possibly feasible. I've always been an open minded individual but learning that my child wants to be a different gender managed to devastate me.

Kellie is a teenage girl that is trapped in a boy's body and though she faces hate and discrimination the most painful hurt she experiences is the condemnation from her own mother. Reading this book I could feel what Kellie aka Kaleb's parents were dealing with and how apart their thoughts, feelings and reactions were from one another. I could aslo feel Kellie's pain and I must say that I rode an emotional roller coaster throughout the entire read which I did in one sitting as I was so consumed with the story line. 

I had never read anything written by this author and I'm truly glad I did as she is talented and her writing is uniquely captivating. This book is worthy of more than five stars and I hope you take the time to read it as it is a truly inspiring read full of shocking revelations, love of parent and most importantly love of self.

I can never truly express my gratitude to the author for this book but know that through this story I gained full acceptance of my child's desire and an even deeper love for what she wants to accomplish and for her determination. I love you Eve.

I give this book











I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1996. I have a huge family who I shocked them when I told them I was writing my first book. I have had a love a reading since I was young. Reading has always been my escape. I can read and be a princess or a warrior. Reading for me was always something magical. And I hope to pass that on to you all. 

I am blessed to be the mom of a little girl named Sage who is the light of my life. {I call her Olga, and she hates it} I did not give birth to her but I choose her. I am blessed with great friends who have always had my back. I have a lot to learn in this world of writing but, so far I am enjoying the ride. I have a fantastic Four that are my true loves. No names will be mentioned as they know who they are. I Love you all very much. {I didn't included alters in that comment}. I'm very opinionated and have no filter. I speak my mind without thinking of the consequences. Does this get me in Trouble? Yes it does every single day. But I will not change. I march to my own beat. My mom says that I can be a one man band.  

I am always willing to help out anyone who is in need all you have to do is ask. I never knew that writing a book would show me so much about myself. I have learned so much in a short amount of time. And I can't wait to learn more. 






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