Fallen From Ashes by Megan Linski


Fallen from Ashes

(The Kingdom Saga #2)

By: Megan Linski

162 pages

Published: October 10, 2014    




Queen Bennua has grown into a powerful ruler. With her new laws encouraging rights for both men and women, Haya-Maa has grown from a small city into a prosperous nation. Engaged to Zahid, the handsome Raider Prince, it would seem the young Queen is ready to lead the desert of Sahrahn into paradise. But not all are so eager to follow the new Queen. A short time into her rule Haya-Maa erupts into civil war, rebels opposing the idea of a woman in power. Bennua must embark on a quest to find her missing friend, Toshana, who could hold the key to ending the bloodshed. Yet as her journey wears on Bennua discovers her title as Queen powerless against the wrath of gods and the wars of men. At her breaking point, Bennua finds the only way to save her country and defend her people...is to offer a devastating sacrifice.




Hello everyone! It’s me again, Remy Injay, indie book reporter. Today we’re interviewing the totally hot (and drop-dead gorgeous) prince of thieves Zahid from the novel Fallen From Ashes, #2 in the highly-anticipated Kingdom Saga! How are you doing today, handsome? Try to keep your drool off the table, miss. I’m a married man now. That’s right! (Obnoxious moaning of women in the background). Now now, ladies, we can’t ALL get to him. Though I wouldn’t mind a turn... Anyway. Anyway! In the last book, Kingdom From Ashes, you and your beautiful wife, Bennua, went on an exotic adventure throughout the desert and saved the kingdom from an evil warlord. What’s different in #2? There’s lot more of our culture to be experienced than the first time around. Readers who want to see a mythical side of our world have the chance to be transported into a realm of monsters and magic. There’s djinn, dragons, and all sorts of perils we have to face. If you liked the adventure of the first book, and the feeling of being transported to an exotic land, this takes you even further into that experience. So you’re keeping the 1001 Arabian Nights theme going, correct? I uh...I have no idea what that is. Oh, right. Sorry. No culture exchange between worlds. I heard there was a new man catching Bennua’s eye. Huh? HUUUHHH? You have a lot of nerve asking that question, Remy. What, I can’t pry? If you read the book, you wouldn’t even think of being so rude. The last few chapters had the fans sending death threats to the author for weeks. Ouch! Harsh! ...So she picks the other guy? ...I’m going to stay my patience and complain to the author later about this, Remy. All you need to know is the epic romance is going to continue from Book 1 onto Book 2, but it’s a lot less fairy tale. Real life hits Bennua and I, and I guess I have to be honest and say we don’t cope with it well. So what’s the verdict then, from the fans? All the author will tell me is it’s quite an emotional ride for them. The few people on her team that have read it already have very strong feelings for it. I suppose it’s a book that gets a response from you. I know I paid the price heavily for it. DOES THAT MEAN YOU’RE SINGLE?!?!?! I love Bennua. Right. Of course you do. Anyway, that’s a wrap! This is Remy Injay, signing out, and make sure to grab a copy of Fallen From Ashes by Megan Linski, out October 10th!











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Her specializations are romance,  fantasy, aMegan Linski is the owner of Gryfyn Publishing and has had a passion for writing ever since she completed her first (short) novel at the age of 6nd contemporary fiction for people aged 14-24. When not writing she enjoys ice skating, horse riding, theatre, archery, fishing, and being outdoors. She is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention, and is an active fighter against common variable immune deficiency disorder. She lives in Michigan. Megan Linski also writes under the pen name of Natalie Erin for the Creatures of the Lands Series, co-authored with Krisen Lison.  


author interview


Here is an interview with Megan Linski, author of the new fantasy romance novel, Fallen From Ashes

Describe your story. Fallen From Ashes is a mixture of Aladdin and 1001 Arabian Nights, with themes such as equality for women and staying faithful to your true love, no matter what the cost.

What inspired you to write Fallen From Ashes? Fallen From Ashes is the sequel to Kingdom From Ashes, #1 in the Kingdom Saga. When Kingdom from Ashes came out, I got such a high demand for a sequel that I knew I had to get right on making another story in The Kingdom Saga for my readers to explore.

What makes a story great, in your eyes? I believe you have to have something different in your book that’s unique to you, and you have to stand for something. The books that mean the most and create the most change in the world aren’t afraid of making a statement and not pleasing people. They’re not afraid to be bold, and I try to do the same thing in my writing.

Where do you live? Did your hometown influence your story? My hometown is pretty small and boring, so to create the exotic, adventurous desert of Sahrahn (where The Kingdom Saga is set) became an escape for my readers and for me. How long did it take to write Fallen From Ashes? Kingdom From Ashes took nearly three years from start to finish. By drastic contrast, I wrote Fallen from Ashes in ten days and took a month to edit and revise.

Who is your cover artist and editor? I have two editors: Sam McClure from Resolution Edits, and Thalia Smithingell, who works for me under my company, Gryfyn Publishing. My cover artist is the amazing Clarissa Yeo of Yocla Designs.

What have you learned while writing and publishing? Before I started I thought I had a great plan and knew everything about marketing, but it turns out I didn’t know anything. Things that I’ve really worked hard on haven’t really panned out, and other things that I’ve ignored have ended up exploding my book’s visibility on Amazon. This is why it’s important to read marketing books and know how to get your product out there. A good one to start with is Write. Publish. Repeat.

What helped you when you got discouraged along the way? When readers asked for a sequel to Kingdom From Ashes, I had absolutely nothing. No plot, no outline, not even an idea of where I wanted to go. I sat down and didn’t let myself get up until I had an outline. The Kingdom Saga requires a lot of research, because it takes place in an ancient Arabic society, so I did that as I went along and made sure to stick as close to Middle Eastern folklore as possible. I just had a fire lit underneath me, and I didn’t let myself stop. Now that I’m working on #3, that fire is gone and it’s a lot harder to keep writing, but I’m forcing myself through it and not allowing myself to quit, which makes all the difference in the world. When you stop making excuses and start expecting results of yourself, magic happens.

What would you do differently on the next book? I would treat myself better! My work ethic when it comes to writing is absolutely crazy. It’s not uncommon for me to be icing my hands and wrapping my wrists late at night after I’m done writing. With Fallen, it took only ten days to write, and I didn’t plan it that way. I simply went crazy and wrote as much as I could. I personally think it’s one of the best books I’ve ever written, but when I was finished I was shaking and on the verge of vomiting. I really need to take better care of my temple, otherwise I won’t be able to produce!

Best piece of advice for first time writers? Stop making excuses and do what you want to do! You’re wasting time and money waiting for the right time or the right opportunity to go ahead and do something. You can always fix mistakes later, but if you wait too long, you’ll miss your chance. One of my biggest mistakes was not publishing in 2011 like I wanted to during the indie boom and waiting until 2014. I lost precious time and sales because I was waiting around until things were perfectly in place, until I accepted the fact they never were going to be. Before you publish, though, go ahead and read every single book on writing and marketing that you can. You need to accumulate as much knowledge as possible before you go into publishing. The more you know, the less difficult things will be later. Another thing: successful people network and know a lot of other people! You may complain that it’s not fair and your career shouldn’t be like high school, but the more popular you are and the more friends (READERS) you have, the more successful you will be. Most authors are natural introverts, and I am definitely not the most social person, but if your book really means the world to you then you will find a way to get yourself out there and make some acquaintances. It may seem unfair, but nobody is going to find you if you’re underneath a rock. Posting your book everywhere, paying for lots of advertisements and spamming people doesn’t work. Making connections and lasting friendships does.


What are you planning to publish next?

I’m currently working on Redemption From Ashes, #3 in The Kingdom Saga!




Have you read the first book in the series, Kingdom of Ashes yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Here's the lowdown: Princess Bennua is to be married. The daughter of a sultan, her duty is to marry a powerful yet cruel warlord to be her husband, sealing an alliance that will scare the desert of Sahrahn into submission. But the wedding is halted in place when the infamous Raider Prince, king of thieves and leader of the dark city Ashana, threatens to take her city by force. Sacrificing her freedom for her country, Bennua agrees to accompany the Raider Prince on his travels if he leaves her homeland alone. Stolen from her charmed life Bennua begins to learn the truth of what lies beyond the palace walls and the suffering that plagues Sahrahn’s people. Bennua begins to plan her escape, but the more she learns from the thieves the more she finds herself becoming one of the them...all while falling hard for their leader, the Raider Prince himself.  


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