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Dating After Forty-Eight
by Morgan K Wyatt
GENRE: Non-Fiction





The world of dating can be both brutal and mysterious. Why do some people marry the first person they meet and live happily ever after? While the rest of us suffer failed relationships, unexpected divorces, and even the death of a spouse that pushes us back into singlehood. Being single can be especially challenging after forty. Most people could use some help, which is the reason behind the book.

Dating after Forty-eight is a collection of well-read blogs that highlights workable dating strategies. Instead of dating being a trial, turn it into a fun adventure and possibly a happy ever after.










Well…maybe I can at least find out if there are likely men in the area. That’s my first thought, as another commercial comes on featuring a smiling couple who met online. Let’s face it. It’s Friday night, and I am alone at home watching a Seinfeld marathon. Besides, the online site is having a free trial period. If I’m quick, I can snag a man without even joining. That’s my plan…along with several thousand plus other people.

According to the US Census, there are more single adults in the United States than married people. With those type of numbers, why be alone on Friday night? I do wonder if they counted the men in prison, mental institutions, and on life support. If so, that actually decreases the numbers, but still I grab the laptop. I know the drill. I’m no online dating novice. Those photos when you initially open the site of people in your city do not live in your city.  I haven’t seen them anywhere. 

The smooth-faced males with soulful eyes, garbed in tailored clothing would stand out among the grizzled, tired men in NASCAR jackets in my town. I did see them on the promos for various other dating sites. That’s because the smaller sites are interconnected. You might sign up with Hottiesbeus.com and suddenly you are receiving mail and offers from maturehotties.com and singlehotties.com. (I made up the names, but they might become real sites.) The joining fee is only about thirty dollars to join the initial group, but you only receive a few appropriate matches. There is the thought of joining another add-on group to increase your odds. Resist. You pay for the same pool of men. The big companies who can afford commercials offer you more possibilities. 

Knowing what I know, I signed up with the granddaddy of dating sites for my free trial. I have ten days—that sounds like a lot, but it isn’t.




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Morgan K Wyatt has penned twenty novels. Her articles and stories have appeared in several anthologies and magazines including Guideposts, Ladies Home Journal, Playgirl,  Greensboro Magazine, and The Dollar Stretcher. Her most recent fiction publications include a sweet romance, The Inheritance, and a anthology, Sunkissed: Summer Effusions.  
Dating After Forty-eight marks her foray in non-fiction. The research for the book and blog resulted in her own happy ever after love story.





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  3. Thanks for hosting Dating After Forty-eight.

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