{Virtual Book Tour} Ocean Park by Michael Walsh


Ocean Park
by Michael Walsh
Genre: Mystery, with minor romance




All Detective Matt Conley ever wanted was to raise a family in Ocean Park with his stunning and ambitious wife Lisa. When a corpse is found in his church, Matt begins a journey that reveals corruption and decay in his city and deceit in his marriage. As he searches for the murderer of a local businessman, a gang war erupts for control of the city’s drug trade, and the body count rises. With his reluctant new partner, Detective Lloyd Kendricks, Matt weaves his way through the puzzling connections between street gangs, politicians, bikers, and a private kink club.

Will their unlikely alliance be enough to return Matt's beloved hometown to its halcyon days? And will he find the faith he needs to rebuild his crumbling marriage?







A sketch of William O’Neil looked him in the eye. The tilt of his friend’s strong jaw and confident smile were captured perfectly. A full-size drawing of William was next to it. He looked ten feet tall, muscles rippling, one giant hand closed in a fist, the other open, as big as a catcher’s mitt.

Power and resolve.

He turned the album so they both could see. “Looks like Sage’s work.”

“Channary gave it to me before she left. She and Sage drew them in the safe house.”

He considered that collaboration and smiled—Sage’s wisdom and talent and Channary’s innocence and intuition.

Lloyd Kendricks’ portrait was on the next page, laughing. Lloyd’s bad eye looked more like a gift than a deformity, a portal to his goodness and humor.

Sheila murmured his name, not to identify him—the likeness was unmistakable—but out of affection.



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Michael Walsh attended Boston University, where he became a staffer for the Daily Free Press and earned a degree in journalism. His first professional job was at a public relations and advertising firm, writing press releases that appeared in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and New England Journal of Engineering. He later became a technical writer, writing and editing jet engine manuals for General Electric Aircraft Engines. GE relocated him to Cincinnati and Florida, where he currently resides. He’s written and studied fiction for years at BU, the University of Cincinnati, and now Jacksonville, where he won the First Coast Writers Festival short story contest and had work published in the UK’s Twisted Tongue and Askew Reviews. He’s an active member of the Bard Society, Florida’s longest-running writers’ workshop. 

His five novels and dozens of short stories, most of them richly-layered mysteries, take place in New England. Mike and his wife Jean live in Florida with their three sons.



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  1. I love the cover...looks very mysterious! Can't wait to read this one :)

  2. Thanks, Victoria. very proud of the cover by TWRP artist Diana Carlile. Hope you enjoy Ocean Park.

  3. Sounds like a great book, thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for checking out the blog, Rita, Eva, and to Voluptuous Book Diva for hosting.

  5. I love the blurb. Sounds like a great book