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“Set has risen.”

After being on the run from a psychotic cult for a week, Natara “Natti” Stone has finally come to realize she and Seth are the only two people standing between the Sons of Set and the secret name of Ra. Holding a part of the key that unlocks Ra’s power, they relocate to a more isolated location in the California mountains. While laying low, Natti becomes even more determined to understand her mother’s bloodline and her blessing from the goddess, Isis. But when she starts seeing the truth behind her destiny, she begins to doubt her role in the events that are about to unfold.

Then the unthinkable happens . . .

All Seth O’Keefe wanted was to get Natti as far away from his father and the Sons of Set as possible. Unfortunately, after hearing of Natti’s destiny from Isis’s own lips, he realizes they have bigger issues to worry about. Especially when one stupid slip up leads the god of chaos himself straight to their doorstep. Now Natti is the god’s prisoner, and Set holds the key to unlocking the location of the secret name of Ra. Can Seth save Natti from her own destiny and thwart the demented god’s rise to power?

*Note: Content for Upper YA* 

Name of Ra (Descendants of Isis #3)
by Kelsey Ketch 
Release Date: 11/02/15




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There was silence, then one of the other men whispered into the lean man’s ear. “Tefen, if they are speaking the truth, then we have no choice—”
Seth watched the man—Tefen—lower his dagger and cast a deadly glare toward his fellow guard. The man looked at his brother with fear and pity before backing down.
Tefen marched forward. “I think this is a lie. How do the followers of Set even know of the prophecy much less who it is about?”
Set laughed. “It is obvious you have been down here too long, my friend. It’s been thousands of years since Isis and Set were even alive. Thousands of years during which Set’s men have been gathering information to find the secret name of Ra and once again raise their god.”
Seth wanted to kick Set in his thick head. Did he want all of them to die? Because that was exactly where this was going to lead if he wasn’t careful. Tefen was a loose cannon ready to explode, and Set kept burning the fuse every time he opened his mouth.
Tefen snorted. “And how do I know this is really her? For all I know, she could be just another one of your brainwashed victims. Another slave for your god’s temple. Another poor soul under the mercy of your cult.”
The tone behind his final words were filled with such heat it could have physically burned. This wasn’t just about protecting Ra’s secret name. This was personal for Tefen. He had suffered loss by the Sons’ hands, and Seth had to wonder who it was.
“Look”—Seth took a deep breath, trying to emphasize, though it was hard to feel anything toward a man who had been holding a dagger to his beloved’s throat—“we wouldn’t be here at all if Isis and Osiris didn’t entrust us with the crook and flail.” Tefen’s face became stone at Seth’s words, and the realization hit him. “But you already know that, don’t you? You know only the one marked in favor could reopen the gateway.”
“It’s the only reason they have not killed us,” Set clarified with a satisfied smile.
Tefen’s stance stiffened to the point where every muscle strained against the force. Set was right. Something was holding him back. And Seth doubted it was just about which of them was really the one marked in favor. There was more to this than appeared, yet it didn’t prevent a devilish grin from suddenly inching its way up Tefen’s lips. 
“It doesn’t mean I can’t require a test of honor. Tjetet, step forth.”
A giant of a man stepped forward, reminding Seth of Dwayne Johnson from The Scorpion King. He cracked his knuckles while his dark eyes darted between Set and Seth.
“A battle to the death,” Tefen continued. “One of yours against our best man here.”
Seth swallowed, knowing full well that Set wouldn’t risk his life and Natti would be like watching a match between the Hulk and Thumbelina; it had to be him. “I will do it. I accept your challenge.”
 “No. Not you.” Tefen’s grin grew even more twisted. “The girl.”


Which Egyptian God/dess are You?
1. Choose your favorite color from the list.
    a. Gold
    b. Blue
    c. Green/Black
    d. Yellow
    e. Red
2.  Pick a food item that most represents you.
    a. Meat
    b. Honey
    c. Pomegranate
    d. Bread
    e. Lettuce
3.  What super powers do you want?
    a. Shape shifting
    b. Healing
    c. Psychic abilities
    d. Super strength
    e. Controlling sand storms
4. What word best describes your personality?
    a. Loyal
    b. Compassionate 
    c. Generous
    d. Protective
    e. Menacing
5. What is your spirit animal?
    a. Jackal
    b. Dove
    c. Falcon
    d. Lion
    e. Hippo
6. Where would your godly kingdom reside?
    a. In the underworld
    b. On an island
    c. In the mountains
    d. Along the delta
    e. In the desert
7. How would you destroy your enemies?
    a. Physical strength  
    b. Magic
    c. Justice
    d. Wit
    e. Any means necessary
8. Pick your favorite song from the list?
    a. I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys
    b. Forever May Not Be Long Enough by Live
    c. Wherever You Will Go by The Calling
    d. Somebody Like You by Adele
    e. Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield
9. What would your symbols of power be?
    a. Scales
    b. Throne
    c. Crown
    d. Basket
    e. Scepter

If you got…
Mostly A’s: You are the God Anubis. 
Mostly B’s: You are the Goddess Isis.
Mostly C’s: You are the God Osiris.
Mostly D’s: You are the Goddess Nephthys.
Mostly E’s: You are the God Set.


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During her high school years, Kelsey Ketch could always be found tucked away in a little corner of the hall or classroom, writing her fantasy worlds and creating illustrations and maps. Today is no different, except now she’s writing in the break room at her office building or at the tables of the Barnes and Noble Café in Cary, North Carolina. She is also an avid reader, a part-time book blogger at Ketch’s Book Nook, and lives with her two orange tabbies and awesome and humorous flat-mate.Daughter of Isis is her debut novel.





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