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I had the chance to interview author Eric R. Asher and I want to thank him for taking time out of his schedule to do this. 

Let's get started.

Q: Tell us some more about your book. 

It's a YA dystopian steampunk adventure. Jacob and Alice go on an epic journey through a world filled with monsters and heroes alike.

Q: What’s more important: characters or plot? 

Both. If it's not balanced, it's either going to drag, or you're going to have action without emotion.

Q: If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters? 

I have no clue. I've never been good at casting, haha.

Q: How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on liking the way it sounds or the meaning? Do you have any name choosing resources you recommend? 

Some of them are based on the way they sound, and some are based on etymology. I rather like

Q: How did you begin writing? Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason or reasons for writing each book? 

I've always enjoyed making up stories. Over time they became longer and longer until I decided I wanted to sit down and write an entire novel about ten years ago.

Q: Could you describe the mundane details of writing: How many hours a day to you devote to writing? Do you write a draft on paper or at a keyboard (typewriter or computer)? 

Usually about two hours per day. Always on a computer or mobile device.

Q: Any writing rituals? 

I almost always write with music on.

Q: Do you meet your readers at book signings, conventions, or similar events? 

I do! I love conventions, although I'm cutting back for 2016. I had 14 events in 2015 which drastically cut into my usual routines.

Q: Do you read your reviews? 


Do you respond to them, good or bad?

Not unless the reviewer tags me or sends it to me directly.

Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad?

Learn what you can, and then look up the reviews of your all time favorite works. Study them, and see how vehemently some people dislike those works. There will always be people who do not enjoy what you do, and that's okay. You aren't writing for them.

Q: What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

Helping spread the love of Worribles. ;)


Many thanks to Eric and I hope we can have you back again with us soon.



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