C Is For...#atozchallenge



Abby just wants to be a normal teenager,but she has been hiding a secret that has been locked inside of her since she was a child. Will David be the one to make Abby feel like she fits in. Is Abby's secret going to be revealed?

The gift Abby always thought was a burden can now be used for the unfortunate ones that may not live without her help.

Following an unexplained murder in the quiet town of Cranwood, sixteen year old Abby Grace Hill is driven into a dark and dangerous territory.She may not make it out alive.









Though the author appears to have a creative imagination this book failed to capture me and I feel as this is more of a preteen book. I only read 65% of it before I decide to give up on it.

3 Stars


  1. Haven't read it, but like the cover and the premise.

  2. Bummer. I always feel guilty when I don't like a book, knowing what goes into writing one. Luckily it doesn't happen often. By the way, LOVE the shoes at the top of the page :D