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Hannah and the Gods of Olympus (The Gods of Olympus Series Book 1)

by Charles Eagen Lord

Tales are written of times ago in which Gods and Goddesses graced this world, leaving legend of great heroes- Immortals of Olympus. But if immortal they be, where are the Olympians? A young girl, already on the edge, is about to find out.Time is torn and age-old myth becomes but words in the small, American town of Stansfield, where mortals rule, kings and queens of modern make hold the greatest courts, stories you thought over begin once more, and where it is fast learned that no matter the place in history- when there is power, there is battle to command it. 

Charles Eagen Lord is the author of the Gods of Olympus fantasy fiction series, beginning with the young adult paranormal action adventure story- "Hannah and the Gods of Olympus". He lives on Long Island, NY and has a bachelor's degree from Long Island University. "Hannah and the Gods of Olympus" is Lord's first published work.




Good story line but I wish the author would have worked more on the world building. It is a fast paced read and full of action. I would read the next installment as I am curious to see if the author delves into the deities backgrounds more and to see if there are improvements to world building.

3 Stars



  1. World building takes much imagination and meticulousness. Here from the A-Z and enjoyed your post.
    All the best,
    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016