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Warehouse of Blood (Divided #1)
by Nikki Matthews

A Vampire world in abundance. 
A Human world slowly dying. 
Can one side survive without the other? 

Meet Frankie and her boyfriend Jackson, leaders of Warehouse Mews, the main digs of the bohemian post-wall-assembly children. Raised in the hundred years since a wall appeared around London, separating vampires and humans, the children of Warehouse Mews have been brought up on a diet of anti-vampire propaganda and hatred for the world outside their ramshackle city. 

But the hand-outs of food from the vampire side of the wall have stopped, and suddenly, Warehouse Mews is left starving. Frankie is prepared to do anything to continue the survival of her people, including breaching the wall into vampire territory, but will she find an army to help her mission? 

Over the wall is Lucien. Kinda bored, kinda listless, mindlessly settled in his night to night routine. Get up. Go to work. It's all the same when you have eternity. Harbouring a socially frowned upon lust for human blood over the synthetic, chemical stuff they're forcing the vamps to drink these days, Lucien will do anything to feel his dead heart beating with warmth in his chest.

But what will happen when fate throws Frankie and Lucien together? Will it be light or dark, alpha or omega, love or hate; and isn't it all kind of the same thing?




I found this to be a fast paced read with a likeable story line and characters. I plan on reading part two as soon as I can.

3 Stars



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