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Zombie Rush
by Joseph Hansen

Lisa Reynolds is new to the Hot Springs PD and not all that welcomed by her co workers. It doesn't matter much when thirty days in the apocalypse arrives in the form of zombies. Overnight the world goes from bad to worse and when everything seems hopeless one steps forward with a plan. A plan like an avalanche coming down the mountain.












This fast paced, pulse pounding read had me trying to escape my skin and on many occasions my stomach soured as it is very descriptive. I loved this zombie read. Full of action, gore and depravity with a well written plot and strong characters. You'll find yourself unable to put this book down as you'll want to know what happens page after page.

Lose yourself in this bloody, teeth sinking read. You won't be disappointed.

5 Stars


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  1. Hey, sounds like some cool book. Congrats for finishing the challenge and do check out mine, it's a fiction on the life of a film star:)