The Doctor and The War Widow by Viola Russell {Book Blitz}





Harley Michel is a war widow and high school teacher, still mourning the death of her husband John in Iraq ten years previously.   She’s taken care of her mother, but now, her mother has recently died, and the void in Harley’s life is a gaping hole.  She is directionless and lonely.  When her colleagues goad her into entering the world of Internet dating, Harley reluctantly accepts the challenge; however, a series of disastrous dates leaves her disillusioned until she meets Abisi Sharif, a handsome and widowed doctor of Egyptian origin.  The attraction between them is immediate, but ghosts from the past threaten their happiness, their stability, and their future.  Her husband’s memory haunts Harley, and a vengeful woman from Abisi’s past resurfaces, intent upon creating havoc in their lives. Can their love survive the past and survive into the future?


Viola Russell is the pen name for Susan Weaver Eble.  A teacher by day, Viola Russell pens her novels at night and on holidays. She adopted a pseudonym (her grandmother’s name) so that her students would not find her, but they, ever tech savvy, discovered her identity. She lives in New Orleans with her amazing husband Ben and sweet dog. 


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