The Recruiter (Vampire Addictions, #0.5) by Thea Atkinson {Review}



The Recruiter 
(Vampire Addictions, #0.5)
by Thea Atkinson 
Published October 31st 2014

Hell hath no fury like a vampire spurned.

Sassy Jade Sanchez has just been dumped after four years of devout monogamy, and she's starving for a little affection. Her self-esteem is shattered, her confidence damaged, and she's had so many ugly cries she's afraid her face will never be the same. Enter hot as hell Sam, who asks her to an upscale costume party. It sounds like just the ticket to squeeze the last bit of melancholy from her system. Hell, if she's lucky, smoking hot Sam might make a move on her.

Three drinks in, and Sam abandons her to a greasy Dracula who seems bent on getting her into some sort of S&M action that involves teeth and necks and declarations that her vulnerability tastes like Chianti. She'd knee the guy in the groin except her feet have taken root to the tiles. It takes the handsome Viking host to extract her from the costumed nosferatu, but it's an ironic rescue at best.

She's been recruited, and vampire bait ain't nothing if it isn't fresh. 








Oh my God!!! I accidentally stumbled upon this priceless gem today on Amazon and damn....I loved it and am now needing to start reading the next tantalizing story. The author gives you just the right amount of wanton desire and it makes you want to scream and beg for more. Fast paced read with interesting characters and I cannot wait to read more




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