Review of Devious Revenge by Erin Trejo @trejo_erin



Devious Revenge
by Erin Trejo
Published July 10th 2016


They ruined her life. Wrecked every chance she thought of being happy. Raped and abused, they used her. 
Hannah Blackburn knew she would never make it out of that town alive. She learned to live in it with the monsters that ruined her. 
All she ever wanted was to be loved. Why wasn’t that enough? 
Throwing herself into their world, she vows to take them down, one by one until she made them all pay. What she didn’t count on was Drew. 
He was vile, just like the others, but there was something deeper to him. 
Would that Ex-Marine be the reason she loses every chance she has at revenge?







I was completely floored by this dark read! The story line and characters were superbly written and the twist this story took was completely unexpected and amazing. If you are looking for a jaw dropping and devious read then look no further as this author has done an outstanding job with Devious Revenge.









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