{New Release} Crazy Good Love by MF Isaacs



CRAZY GOOD LOVE (Crazy Love Series #1) by MF Isaacs

Release Date:January 24, 2017

Genre: New Adult

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After 18 years of being sheltered by my dad and brothers, the only thing I want is to go off to college and experience life like any other girl my age. I’ve spent endless hours dreaming of ditching dad approved clothes and brother approved social events.



I want to make my own friends and explore...relationships.



I wasn’t prepared for my dad and brother to embrace Steve, the tattooed man who was hanging out shirtless in my dorm room on move in day. How can I explore friendships much less relationships when Steve has taken over as my primary protector? Acting like my brothers used to, only the feelings he invokes are nothing brotherly.



I just want to explore...Steve Morrison, the alpha male who happens to be my roommates overprotective brother.






All that is left of my family is Curtis, my fraternal twin brother and Sierra our younger sister. My mission is to protect Sierra with everything I am. I will be there to prevent her from being sucked into the typical college experiences including dating and partying. No way will I let her fall for the stupid guys on campus.



I won’t let her be distracted by anyone…even her roommate.



I have reasons for needing to protect Sierra. Most guys my age wouldn’t understand, but most guys haven’t experienced what I have. I don’t care what people think about me. My mission is clear.



I won’t be distracted by anyone...even her roommate.














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I’m MF Isaacs, I live on an island in Southeast Alaska with my husband and our handful of kids. I grew up in a family of four sisters, living in the Seattle area. My parents proved over and over that I was the favorite child; my dad secretly took me to breakfast on Saturday mornings and my mom taught me the art of ignoring children while trying to finish reading the next chapter.



I live for vacations, a good book and the Seahawks. I’m a sucker for beautiful sunsets and hot book boyfriends.


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