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John a young man from Detroit realizes he has a special bond with a vampire, which gives him special abilities and makes both of them a target; the ancients will stop at nothing to destroy him and his relationship with this unbridled female vampire. Will John's new found abilities be enough to save her and her coven?



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One of the most difficult parts of writing historical fiction is making the background historically correct. This is the bain of all historical authors owing to the fact that much of recorded history contradicts each other.


There are many factors that cause this: The victor's histories usually draft what they believe to be their truth. Their great leader saved their people and other people from a tyrant is usually how it goes, even for a country that invades another without any real need, other than greed. This has been the truth since before we started putting it all down with ink and quill.


Another factor is people inventing their own historical facts and through time start to spread it from one person to another, from the village to a city, and eventually across the entire country.

I am not pointing out anyone event because I believe there are far too many to even begin to mention. No matter what country this is being read from, I bet the reader without too much difficulty would be able to think of such an event in their country or a neighboring country.


So what do you do when even Wikipedia's version of the historical story changes from language to language? I know that someone out there is at the moment chomping at the bit wanting to write that Wikipedia is not a viable source. Many of the books from and/or about certain time contradict each other. Not to mention the "Historical Blogs" out there. Many of these are more fictional than some of our romance novels.


When I was writing about the events of 13th century Lithuania I was taken aback by how many sources seem to have completely different accounts of the events of this time. Celtic history is just as hard to look into.


I guess this "article" or blog post is more of a call for other authors to toss in what they do and how to handle these issues. As for myself, I like to at least be informed of events around the area I am writing about, so I can make my fictional tale at least feel as though it could have happened. Well, if paranormal creatures actually existed.



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J.L McFadden is an American author that has an European writing style. He is an advid taveler and linguest that uses alot of his experiences in his fictional novels. He also enjoys sports and takes part in international martial communities. McFadden is a paranormal romance author that has a way of spinning tragic romance into stories that stays with his readers.

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