{Review} Dark and Dreadful Things (Dark Things Book 3) by Kelly Martin @martieKay



Dark and Dreadful Things (Dark Things Book 3)
by Kelly Martin

You can't believe everything you see. 

Reeling from the events that took place at the King House, Abel Hale and Elise Morgan have been sent to a new haunting at the house of Cody Cain. Except thanks to overhearing a private conversation between Abel and the evil Silas Ford, Elise isn't sure she can trust Abel, much less work with him. That fact breaks her heart because she had begun having real feelings for him, feelings that won't go away no matter how much she tries. 

As a former frat house, Cody's home has seen its share of good times. It has also seen its share of pain, suffering, and death. Six months ago, the paranormal activity in the house skyrocketed, forcing Cody to ask for help from the producers of Dark and Deadly Things, namely Silas. 

The house is something Elise has never seen before. The walls move, time jumps in and out, and nothing is ever the same. It is as if the house is in a time loop, moving and swaying from past to present. Caught in the loop is the ghost of Andrew Scott (no relation to the actor). He has his own secrets and a connection to Elise that will rock her already upended world. 

With two days to find out what is going on at the Cain house, Abel and Elise have to use every trick they've learned so far to not only figure out what exactly is going on, but what it means to for them. 

Because something evil has taken residence at the Cain house, something that knows Abel and Elise all too well. 





Exciting and hair raising twists and turns continue to keep me captivated and glued to my seat. This third installment does not disappoint and a startling connection is discovered. I am completely hooked on this series and look forward to the next supernatural installment as it's anyone's guess on what could happen next. A superbly written series that keeps you looking over your shoulder and wondering where the glitches will appear next. 





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