{Spotlight} They Walk Alone by Bob Kern

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They Walk Alone


It is pure torture to watch a loved one slowly lose everything and know there is nothing that can be done for them 

It is so important to reassure your loved ones during the early stages of this disease. The more worked up they get, the more inept and useless they feel. Nobody should feel this way, especially those in the early stages of dementia. It’s not easy to be patient under normal circumstances. It’s even harder the fifteenth time you’re looking for a cell phone or car keys. You must force yourself to always exercise patience. If finding their phone is important to them, then it should be important to you. Telling them not to worry about it, or it’ll show up, doesn’t help at all. You might as well be talking to a wall. Finding a lost item will become a fixation for them. Drop whatever you’re doing and find the item. Be sure to include them in your search. Chances are they’re going to follow you around anyway.

This is a memoir of my journey caring for two loved ones, and experiencing the loss of a third loved one to this terrible disease. Witness with me, up-close and personal, the different stages of dementia- from early signs, diagnoses, progression, and finally the heart wrenching end. Learn from my experiences to identify the early symptoms sooner. And, more importantly, learn how to care for your loved one so that they never walk alone…








Bob is an award winning author for his We Were Soldiers Too Series. His first book in the series was about his time in the military and was a finalist for Nonfiction Autobiography Book of the Year in 2015 with the Independent Authors Network.

Book Two continues to win awards in numerous contests in the nonfiction category. The book received a Bronze Medal from the Nonfiction Authors Association. It was a Finalist for eBook of the Year with Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Finalist for Military History Book of the Year with National Indie Excellence Awards, Finalist for Nonfiction History with Independent Authors Network. Most recently, it won third place and the Bronze Medal from the prestigious Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards in the Nonfiction- Military category.

Book three was released on July 6, 2016 and he is currently working on the fourth and fifth book in the series for release by the end of the year. In an effort to tell the complete story of the Cold War, and the veterans who served during this critical time in history, there are plans for twelve books in the series.






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Book 1 We Were Soldiers Too: Serving As A Reagan Soldier During The Cold War



Finalist for Book of the Year Military Autobiography in 2015 and Nominated for Best First Book of the Year in 2016


This is a personal account of military service and the historical events that were happening during President Reagan's time in office as the world faced the possibility of nuclear war. The author was in the US Army from November 1980 until March 1988 which coincided with President Reagan's time in office. He quickly went from a naive seventeen year old boy to a dedicated die hard soldier ready to sacrifice his life for his country.


˃˃˃ An assignment that likely would have been at Ground Zero of a nuclear war.

On the verge of World War 3 and nuclear war, "We Were Soldiers Too" is about the difficult job of serving in the infantry during a very critical time of the Cold War.


Serving as the first line of defense for a Soviet invasion in Germany, he found himself assigned the responsibility of defending an area in the Fulda Gap with only one objective, to hold the advancing Soviets until reinforcements arrived.


˃˃˃ Read what other veterans think of "We Were Soldiers Too"

"An excellent illustration of the lives and sacrifices of our Cold War enlisted service members. I recommend it to all. It brings back memories of those days and what we did during that era." Edward A. Chesky


"I highly recommend this for anyone to read, especially for anyone that has served this great Nation. I suspect that my fellow Cold War Veterans will be able to relate to a lot of what this author writes about." Tracy A Stephens


"An excellent book about those men who served during the Cold War. Excellent insight into how the Army prepared for a possible Soviet invasion. I highly recommend this book." Gary E. Earls


"I too am a Cold War Reagan Soldier and I Enjoyed this Book very much. I think Bob did a great job by putting in writing how we all feel. We were highly Trained and Ready to meet any Challenge and Subdue any Threat. We were part of the Strongest Army in the history of the United States. We were and Still are ....Soldiers. I am Proud to have served with such fine members of the Military." Curtis Nazelrod




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Book 2 We Were Soldiers Too: A Historical Look at Germany During the Cold War From the US Soldiers Who Served There


Finalist for eBook of the Year General Nonfiction and Finalist for Book of the Year Nonfiction Military History in 2016

#1 Amazon Best Seller Cold War History for 5 Weeks

Ground zero for a nuclear war was just over an hour northeast of Frankfurt, Germany. The small town of Fulda is nestled at the base of a natural gap in the hilly wooded terrain of West Germany and was a corridor between East and West Germany. Referred to as the Fulda Gap, this corridor was very likely the path the Warsaw forces and the Soviet Union would have taken to invade Europe.

˃˃˃ The following is a historical look at the Cold War in Germany through the careers of seventeen veterans who served there. These are their stories as they prepared to defend the Fulda Gap and ground zero”

The brave men and women who served in West Germany were the first line of defense against the enemy horde that would come through the gap if hostilities ever began. Their mission was to hold that advancing horde for forty-eight hours until reinforcements arrived. None of them were expected to survive an invasion and they all knew it. This was what they had enlisted for, it was their job, and they did it proudly.


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Book 3 We Were Soldiers Too: The Unknown Battle to Defend the Demilitarized Zone Against North Korea During the Cold War


WINNER! MILITARY HISTORY BOOK OF THE YEAR. Book 3 of the Historical Documentary Series on the Cold War. Order Now!

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separates North and South Korea and is the most defended border in the world

Both sides have dug their heels in and fortified the DMZ with defensive positions, mines and booby traps, missiles, and soldiers as they remain vigilant for the recommencement of a war that never ended.



The soldiers were responsible for enforcing the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War. The North Koreans violated it almost daily sending spies, marauders, hit squads, and ambush patrols into the southern controlled portion of the DMZ in their never-ending effort to destabilize South Korea and cause its collapse. Their blatant violations of the agreement has left a bloody trail of dead bodies that includes many American soldiers. This book takes the reader on a journey through the history of the Cold War and the defense of the DMZ from the perspective of nine American veterans, and eleven tours, who served in different capacities in South Korea from 1962 through 1991.


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Book 4 We Were Soldiers Too: Defending the Iron Curtain


“From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the continent.” Winston Churchill- March 5, 1946

The “Iron Curtain” he referenced shortly after World War II was the border in Europe that separated the west from the east. It separated freedom from communism and NATO from the Warsaw Pact. A border that quickly became fortified with a fence and a wall. The “Iron Curtain” would come to symbolize a divided world for the duration of the Cold War.

West Germany would become the focal point where NATO would prepare for an invasion by the Soviet Union. The Fulda Gap became the likely route the communist horde would take to conquer Europe. This area was referred to as ground zero for World War III. The United States military was tasked with stopping the Soviet attack until reinforcements arrived. A mission with zero chance of survival. Yet, millions of young soldiers met this challenge over the decades of the Cold War. Vigilant and ready to give their lives when the call came.

No mission was more important than that of the brave soldiers who served on the border. They were tasked with guarding the border and surveilling the communist activity around the clock. These valiant soldiers patrolled by foot and jeep a few feet from the Iron Curtain and in full view of their communist counterparts. They regarded themselves as the tripwire responsible for alerting the supporting forces of an invasion. A mere speed bump for any invasion.

This book provides insight into the Cold War from the unique perspective of the veterans who served on this border.





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