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Excalibur Rising Book Four: An Arthurian Saga Author: Eileen Enwright Hodgetts Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy Dates: 7th of August Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours Blurb: Excalibur Rising Book Four is the final episode of the Excalibur Rising Series where all questions are answered. Merlin's magical powers are fading and Albion faces enemies on all sides. While Arthur's heir fights for the possession of Camelot, Ryan races against time to rescue Violet from the Isle of Avilion.



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Eileen Enwright


Author Bio: A prolific writer Eileen Enwright Hodgetts covers an impressive spectrum of subjects and formats. There is nothing formulaic in her writing. Each work reveals a fresh creativity. She has created a whole new "world" in the Excalibur Rising series. Excalibur Rising Books One and Two are available now and Excalibur Rising Book Three will be released in January 2017 by Emerge Publishing. Her books are available from Amazon.com in paperback and e-book format and all books will soon be available as Audio books. "Whirlpool" is already an Audible book. Six of her one-act plays are published in book form at Amazon.com and perusal copies of other plays are available by e-mailing.

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