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Title: Divination
Author: Isaiyan Morrison
Series: Deamhan Chronicles (#4)
Genre: Adult/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Dark Fiction
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Oct
17 2017 
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print


“At this rate, regardless if we manage to place our Queen back where she belongs, Deamhan will be extinct before this century ends.”

With Amenirdis, the Queen of Limbo, on the loose, Minneapolis is no longer a safe haven for Deamhan; psychic vampires who’ve considered this city their home.
Those who’ve chosen to stay behind are forced to deal with her rage and desire for anarchy and it won’t be an easy task.
With other supernatural creatures slithering into their territory and sanguine vampires gathering in immense force, Deamhan suddenly 
find themselves outnumbered on their turf.
 The Queen of Limbo is no slouch. She demands respect and obedience. For those who grovel at her feet are the only ones who’ll be spared from her wrath.


This is an excerpt that is not available in the Media Kit and has NOT be shared on Social Media Before.


Suddenly, Remy felt his body fly back as if someone had pushed him. He landed on his feet and startled; he surveyed the now quieted cave. There was nothing, no movement. No one remained alive except for him.

Weak. Weak. Weak. A voice pushed itself into his mind. It singed his brain. Bright spots affected his vision and his ears rang. He remembered the voice clearly when he first heard it back at Blind Bluff Manor. Anzuna’s voice was just as annoying and strong then.

He felt searing pain. Her elongated nails embedded into his chest and lifted him off his feet. Her white, piercing eyes stared at him.

Weak. Weak. Weak. Unexpectedly, she tossed him aside and his body smacked into the cave wall. He felt his spine snap in two. He landed face first and dirt caked his nostrils. Unable to move, he relied on his hearing while his body went to work on healing his spine. “Lambert, get her out of here!”

In no time, the vampire disappeared from the cave with Ruby, leaving anyone left behind to suffer horrible fates.

Screams reverberated in the air. There was nothing he could do as Anzuna made quick work of the remaining Dorvo vamps and Lambert’s own vampires in the cave.

When the dust settled and his spine finally snapped back into place, Remy stood to his feet. His legs wobbled underneath him and he placed his hand on the wall for support.

I like this game.

The power he sensed from her was unlike anything he experienced before. She stood with her upper body slouched, in the middle of the cave, surrounded by what remained of her victims. He feared that he was next and his state of mind changed to fight or flight. Sure, running was the better option, but he wouldn’t get far, being chased by a Deamhan who moved faster than he ever could. If he stayed and fought, he wouldn’t last a second against her elongated and sharp fangs. Since Estrie Deamhan lived off the psychic energy within their victims’ blood, including vampires, humans, and Deamhan as well, she’d eat him and spit him out. He wasn’t eager to be someone’s snack for the night.

She spoke in a thunderous voice. “Lamia, I like this game.”

“I don’t.” He remained close to the cave wall and kept his eyes on her.

She walked to the cave’s exit. Knowing that she was going after Lambert and Ruby, he had to stop her. “I take it that Amenirdis sent you here?”

Her white eyes narrowed in on him. How beautiful yet shallow they appeared to look to him. He wondered what things those eyes had seen. “The Dark Mother isn’t interested in you.”

“Hey, all Deamhan are interested in me.” He did his best to not appear nervous.

“You aren’t fit to serve her.”

He paused. “Good because I don’t do well in servitude. How about we talk out our differences, Deamhan to Deamhan?”

I don’t like this game!

Pain rocked his head again. “Stop with the mental communication,” he replied to her telepathic voice. “Use your voice, sweetheart.”

She stepped over the body of a vampire whose arms had been ripped from their sockets. “Obedience is what the Dark Mother demands.”

“Well, she certainly won’t get that from me. I’m just a little unimportant Deamhan who—”

She ran at him in such a speed that was too quick for him to comprehend. “Your friends have what belongs to our Mother.” She opened her mouth and pushed her lips back into a smile. “She’s been welcoming to let them keep what is hers for this long.” Her canines rested on her chin. “But now, that has passed. She’ll take what belongs to her.” They were sharper than the fangs of any Ramanga or vampire put together, and without a warning, she sank them into his neck.

Pain traveled throughout his entire body. He felt his blood draining straight from his veins and he tried to push her away. “Stop!” He struggled against her strength. He couldn’t go out like this, especially at the hands of another Deamhan. It only took moments for her to drain so much that his body collapsed under its own weight. He rested against the wall, watching Anzuna lick the excess blood from her lips with her thin tongue.

“And she’ll have Anastasia.”

He placed his hand over his wound, noticing that it had yet to heal.

“Now, I will play a game.” She lurched forward and pushed him.

He slid to the ground and she stood over him like a champion. She raised her foot over his arm and stomped. Bones shattered underneath his skin and Remy yelped in agonizing pain.

“Mother will be pleased.”

He grabbed his arm and rocked back and forth along the dirt.

“Now I like this game.” She also stood over him and clacked her fangs. “Do you like this game?”

“Can’t say that I do.” His superb Deamhan healing went to work but when each bone popped back into place, the pain grew worse. His neck felt like someone had lit a match and placed it against his skin. He felt a foreign substance rip its way through his bloodstream and his body ached in pain.

“We all are part of this game.” As she spoke, her lips feathered over his right cheek, “The Defiler is part of this game. This is a game we all can play.” She stepped over him and calmly proceeded to the exit.

After she left, Remy stood to his feet. Still his wound hadn’t healed. “This isn’t good.” Once out of the cave, he plopped on the ground. The foreign entity or whatever was inside him snaked down to his legs and to his feet. It felt like tiny worms squirming through his body.

Her bite!

Being bitten by another Deamhan wasn’t a common occurrence. Being drained like a human was. “I guess this is how it feels.” He looked up and saw Lambert sulking in the bushes. “You can come out now. The bitch from hell is gone.”

Lambert stepped out.

“Did you see where she went?”

“No. I circled back after making sure that Ruby was safe. What happened to you?” He helped Remy to his feet.

“Oh, you know how we Deamhan interact with one another. She tortured me for a few seconds before taking a chunk out of my neck.”

“She bit you?”

“She did more than that. She fed from me!”

“That’s better than killing you.”

“You think?” He looked around. “Where did you take Ruby?”

“She’s safe with a few of my vampires. I’ll take her to Blind Bluff Manor.”

“Good. I need to get there.” Remy stretched his arm out in front of him, watching it, bent unnaturally, push itself back into place.

“Can you make it there on your own?”

“Jesus, Lambert. I’m hurt. I’m not dead.” He examined his neck wound again. “I can make it back on my own.” When his arm fully healed, he dropped it to his side. “She mentioned something. At first, it sounded gibberish to me until I heard ‘the Defiler.’” He scanned the dark cave with his eyes, seeing the horror that Anzuna left behind.

“The Defiler?” Lambert awed. “Are you sure?”

“I heard it as clear as day.” He pointed his finger at him. “See, this is why I don’t come out. Crap like this always tends to happen.”

“Go. I’ll clean up this mess, make sure no humans come across it.” He placed his hands on his hips. “And make sure you eat someone along the way. You look like shit.”  


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A veteran of the Armed Forces, Isaiyan Morrison was born and raised in Minneapolis.
Her passions include writing, reading, and researching historical events. She also spends her time gardening, playing video games, and hanging out with her three cats and beloved Pitt bull.
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