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This is my stop during the blog tour for True Horizon by Laurie Winter. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 1 till 14 December. See the tour schedule here.

True HorizonTrue Horizon (Warrior of the Heart #2)
By Laurie Winter
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: December 1, 2017



Back home on her family's Texas Longhorn ranch, Grace Murray is busy preparing for her wedding. After a scruffy tattooed drifter saves her life, she takes on the mission of helping her savior, Heath Carter, find peace. The steady friendship and unconditional acceptance she receives from him encourages her to trade an old dream for a new one—a dream true to her heart. When she calls off her wedding, Grace is finally set free to fully love Heath.

After a decade of military service, Special Forces veteran Heath Carter is living with war's tragic consequences. Struggling with PTSD, anger, and guilt, he travels through Texas, solitarily moving from job to job. Working with Grace on the ranch, Heath's guilt over his past actions make him feel unworthy of her love. As their paths lead them in different directions, Heath needs to discover the courage to fight his toughest battle yet—the one inside himself.


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Crouching, he hustled toward the low wall that divided the rear from the main section. Another scream sounded, and Heath instinctively darted forward, expecting to find a murdered body. Instead, he found Grace, curled up on several haystacks. A series of high-pitched squeals came from the television she’d propped against the wall.

Grace turned her head toward him, jumped, and let out a blood-curdling cry. “Holy cow! You scared the living daylights out of me.” She flapped her hands. Tears pooled at the corners of her eyes.

“You?” His heart thudded hard, threatening to burst out of his chest. He pushed down the desire to pull her into a protective embrace. “I thought someone was getting murdered back here. What are you doing?”

She grabbed the remote and clicked pause. A mutilated face froze on the screen. “I’m watching a movie.” She tipped her head to meet his gaze. “Zombie Slayer 4.”

His relieved laugh sounded almost hysterical. “You’re out here watching a scary movie, alone, at night? You’re nuts.”

“The Zombie Slayer movies are my favorite. I haven’t had a chance to see the new one yet. Tyler was tired and went to sleep. I used to watch scary movies out here all the time when I was younger.” She lifted her chin.

He became totally absorbed by the vision of her, bundled up in a black-and-yellow blanket despite the heat. She’d made a lounge chair out of stacked hay bales. The seating arrangement actually looked comfortable. A black, shaggy dog lay next to her, its head resting on her lap. With the flat screen against the barn wall, this was a perfect spot for watching horror movies.

“I didn’t know they made a fourth Zombie Slayer.” Heath studied the empty DVD case. “We used to watch these in Afghanistan.”

“Bring over a bale and join me.” She patted the spot next to her. “The movie just started. Sasha woke up from her coma. Remember at the end of the third movie, when she got hit on the head by Zach’s machete and fell into the zombie pit?”

“I thought she died.” Heath pulled a horse blanket off the shelf and got comfortable.

Grace offered him the popcorn bowl.

For a split second, he questioned whether this was a good idea, sitting so close together in the dark.

She was too trusting, too pretty, and too enjoyable to be around. And she was very much in love with another man. So he grabbed a handful of popcorn.



First book in the series:
Home Field
Can a second chance at true love be just as sweet?

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Laurie WinterAbout the Author:
Laurie Winter is a true warrior of the heart. Inspired by her dreams, she creates authentic characters who overcome the odds and find true love. She keeps her life balanced with regular yoga practice and running. When not pounding the pavement or the keyboard, she's enjoying time with her family, who are scattered between Wisconsin and Michigan. Laurie has three kids and one fantastic husband, all who inspire her to chase her dreams.

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