Bones by Yolanda Olson #Review #BeatTheBacklist @SymphonyYolanda

In an effort to catch up on my reading list, I joined the Beat The Backlist challenge. This challenge has me reading books that were released prior to 2018. I hadn't realized just how many ebooks I had until I uploaded them to Goodreads. With well over 4200 ebooks this was the perfect way to ensure that I read and review more books. Bones was published November 2016.

by Yolanda Olson

I'm haunted.

Not by ghosts, but by a face I can't quite remember. Eyes that shine so brightly each time I see them, are now nothing more than a hazy memory.

I'm consumed.

The thoughts that whisper so quietly inside my mind when I'm sure I have this evil inside of me under control are becoming more persistent.

I'm lost.

I know where I need to be, but not quite sure if I'll get there. Will she ever show her face to me or will I always only see a blank slate of nothing?

There are only a few simple things I know to be true:

I'm not a messy man.
I'm not a serial killer.
I can stop anytime I want to.
I am NOT crazy.

OMG!! This was such a deviantly twisted and disturbing book.... I LOVED it and every single stomach-turning moment. The story was written in such a way that I could practically hear the victims last breathes right in my ear and could smell all of the spilt blood. Guy is truly a pathological deviant and in tune with himself. Bones would make an excellent movie. Kudos to Yolanda for allowing us the opportunity to delve into her dark and twisted mind. This is a must read but not for those who are squeamish as great detail has been put into these horrific acts! 

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