Hunger by Perrin Briar #Review #BeatTheBacklist @perrinbriar

In an effort to catch up on my reading list, I joined the Beat The Backlist challenge. This challenge has me reading books that were released prior to 2018. I hadn't realized just how many ebooks I had until I uploaded them to Goodreads. With well over 4200 ebooks this was the perfect way to ensure that I read and review more books. Hunger was published December 2017 and is currently free on Amazon. 

by Perrin Briar

Lies aren’t just dangerous. They’re deadly.

John is a loving husband and father. He takes his daughter swimming every weekend. He tells her stories to coax her to sleep every night. He often buys his wife wine and bouquets of flowers… All to disguise the guilt.

John is secretly living two lives. And this time, it’s going to bite him on the ass. Literally.

He’s with his bit-on-the-side when victims of a deadly virus spill across the entrance of his hotel. Trapped, he has no way to get back to his family to protect them.

Can he escape and get to them before it’s too late? Or will he remain trapped with his mistress? A mistress with a dark and sinister secret…

What comes around goes around is the moral I took away from reading this. I love reading zombie books and this one was no exception. A well written short story with characters I enjoyed. I truly was unable to hate John throughout the entirety of this read and I was unprepared for the startling revelation. I will continue to read this author's work.

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