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Dark and Dangerous Things (Dark Things #5)

by Kelly Martin


The final showdown has begun.

With Abel in the hospital and Molly stronger than ever, it is up to Elise and newly released Silas Ford to figure out a way to send Molly back to Hell for good. She won't make it easy, of course. She has bargains to keep.

Elise Morgan is ready for this to all be over. With a ticking time bomb in her head, she makes it her mission to rid the world--and her possessed father-- of Molly once and for all.

Who will live?

Who will die?


Molly Drake has souls to take.

Those souls are fighting back.






Being an avid fan of this series I put off reading this last book because I simply wasn't prepared to say goodbye to the characters and story that I quickly fell for. However, my curiosity finally caught the best of me and so I gave in. Though I'm sad it is over I will say this was an epic ending and Kelly outdid herself yet again. The twists and turns that we've come to love were wrapped up for us, and though I was saddened by the outcome I simply cannot stop singing the praises for this book, the series and above all the creative and pragmatic force which is Kelly Martin!!


If you are anything like me be sure to have some tissues at the ready and be prepared to deal with Molly.



I give this finale:





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