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Title: An Uphill Battle
Author: LK Farlow
Genre: Contemporary Romance



About An Uphill Battle:

Azalea Barnes has hated Drake Collins since the day he broke her teenaged heart. Fast forward almost seven years later and her libido still hasn't gotten the memo. Now they're frenemies... with benefits. Which suits Azalea just fine. She gets what her body craves while keeping her heart safe. Kind of. Mostly. Drake has loved Azalea since the day they met. He knows that she's his forever. Too bad she only sees him as a good time. He wants more. Needs more. If only he could convince her that it's real this time. He's more determined than ever to prove to Azalea that chemistry like theirs doesn't exist only in the bedroom.   The odds may be against Drake, but he's prepared for an uphill battle.

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All this time, from the moment I first saw him, he’s made my heart flutter, and Christ on a cracker, it pisses me off. Because behind those good looks of his, Drake Collins is an ass.
Well, not really. Myla Rose says we’re like fire and gasoline—that we bring some kinda something out in each other. She says the only reason I’m so prickly is because I like him. And she’s right. I do like him. A lot. So much that I’m not sure how to handle it, so I end up being a bitch, and then he’s a dick. Wash, rinse, repeat.
But I mean, what right does he have to be so good-looking and charming and witty? What right does he have to make me want him when he’s constantly holding me an arm’s length away? I see the glimmer of want in his eyes every time he looks at me, and tonight’s my chance to make him see how good we could be together. Tonight’s the night we both stop denying. Tonight’s my last chance before he leaves for college.
Ready or not, Drake Collins, I’m coming for you.
“AzzyJo, how much longer till you’re ready? Simon just texted me that he’s ready.”
“Hush up, I’m ready.” I step out of Myla Rose’s bathroom and into the hallway, where I do a little spin. “So, whatcha think?”
Myla blinks back at me, taking in my risqué outfit. “Well, I think . . .” She pauses, twiddling her thumbs. “You look like you belong on a pole.” She cringes the moment the words pass her lips, but I just smile.
“Perfect. Just what I was goin’ for!”
“I don’t understand you, not one bit.”
“You love me though!”
“That I do, sister-girl. Now, you better cover up. Grams will fall over dead if she sees you lookin’ like a prosti-tot!”
“A prosti-tot?”
“Yeah, an underage prostitute.” We both crack up, laughing until tears stream down our cheeks.  
“Damn it, Myles. Now I gotta fix my makeup. Can’t go lookin’ like a raccoon.”
“’Kay. Well, Simon just texted me again. He’s here. Hurry down!” she says before darting down the stairs to kiss her Grams bye.
I shrug on a long coat before darting down the stairs behind her, because she’s one hundred percent right. Grams wouldn’t let me step foot outside dressed like this. She’d sit my ass down quicker than two shakes of a lamb’s tail, call my mom, and then the both of them would lecture me for days on end about decorum, and modesty, and not giving the milk away for free.
And I get where they’d be coming from. I really do, and normally, I’d agree. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And my God, am I desperate for that boy. Or I guess, man would be the more appropriate word. Because at six foot four, Drake is every bit a man, even if he is only eighteen.

About LK:

LK Farlow (A.K.A Kate) is a small town girl with a love for words. She’s been writing stories and poems for as long she can remember. A Southern girl through and through, Kate resides in beautiful, sunny LA—that’s Lower Alabama, y’all—with her amazing husband and three wonderful children. When she’s not writing, you can find her snuggled up on the couch watching nature documentaries while she crochets or with her nose in a book. All Kate really wants in this life is her family happy, strong coffee, a good book and more Happily Ever After’s.


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