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Enduring Bond
Allies of the Kan Asma Vampires Book 1
by Christa Paige
Genre: Paranormal Romance
177 pages
A-Fourteen has been wasting away in a dungeon for decades. Tortured for years in the name of science, he was stripped of everything—including his name. Scientists want to know the secret to the Kan Asma Vampires’ longevity, but there’s no way they’ll make him talk. They’ve tried everything, but he’d rather die than betray his people. 
When they bring the frightened scientist into his cell, he is unimpressed with their newest tactic. The moment he tastes the blood of that unsuspecting woman, his entire world is turned upside down. Mariyah touches him with kindness and manages to shatter his resistance. Because of her, A-Fourteen feels more alive than he has in years. She promises to try and save him. But can he trust her?
Mariyah’s life takes a deadly turn when her blood becomes the key to the Lifespan Institute’s fountain of youth. When she is left to bleed out in the cell of a vampire prisoner, the last thing she expects is to survive. A-Fourteen shows her mercy by not killing her…and Mariyah ends up giving him her heart. If she fails him, he will die, and his blood will be on her hands, staining her soul.
Now she needs to protect herself while trying to rescue the love of her life. When she forms an alliance with the Kan Asma refugees, she plays a dangerous game of double agent. She knows the risks, and she also knows time is running out.
Mariyah will do anything to save A-Fourteen and set him free…even if it means sacrificing herself to give him a chance to live.

“My name is Mariyah Talisen. What’s yours?”
His deep inhalation expanded his chest. He licked his lower lip, and a hint of those fang tips flashed. “Mariyah. Such a beautiful name. Lovely. I am Ashe Nartchov.”
His inflection rolled the r in his surname. The Turkish accents in his first name drew out the syllables into a hum as he said his name annunciating Ah-shah with a hint of reverence.
“Ashe,” she repeated, and his large body quaked as she said his name.
He sucked in a breath, and his fangs pressed into the dusky flesh of his lip. Moisture gathered on his eyelashes, and he blinked rapidly. “Please, say it again.” Despair cracked in his voice.
How long had it been since he’d heard his own name spoken by someone? Mariyah cringed, hating the circumstances she’d been thrust into. “Ashe, I'm most pleased to make your acquaintance,” she tried being congenial and hoped he heard her sincerity.
“Thank you,” he said in a hushed voice.
He’d been treated worse than an animal. Stripped of his humanity, given a number, branded, and shoved into a cage. This man had suffered under the heavy hand of the scientists. She couldn’t be a part of it anymore. Right now, she must play along, until she connected with the Komars again and found some way to free Ashe and the Kan Asma.
She set her fingertips on his cheek, swept them across the warm flesh, and trailed them through the springy down of his dark beard. “I have something for you.” She smiled and pulled out a small foil-wrapped square from her lab coat pocket. She tore the package and held it to his mouth, waiting for him to accept her treat.
His nostrils flared as he inhaled, scenting the candy. Then his lips curved with a grin. He opened his mouth and waited. She settled the chocolate square between his teeth, and he bit down, those sharp fangs cracking through the candy brittle.
“Oh, fucking hell. That’s heaven.” He chewed slowly, savoring the little bite.

Strict professor by day. Romance author by night. Lover of all things alpha-male twenty-four hours a day. Christa Paige is a multi-published author in several genres. Her passion for love stories spans many tropes. She writes sensual, romantic tales and sweet love stories. In her free time, Christa, likes knitting and has a yarn stash that keeps growing. (Especially if it is bamboo.) She has a love/hate relationship with running but can’t turn down a themed 5k race. Her beagle babies are her running partners. She never tires of watching a Star Wars marathon or rereading Lord of the Rings. There’s a special place in her heart for the Regency Romance. Mr. Darcy is her favorite Regency hero, especially when he is wearing Hessians and a cravat.
Christa's series The Blood-Vine published by Liquid Silver Publishing, Kissin' Cops published by Liquid Silver Publishing, Women Who Serve (Book 1 Coming soon), Kan Asma Vampires published by Hartwood Publishing.

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  1. I enjoyed getting to know your book; congrats on the tour and I hope it is a fun one for you :)

  2. Congrats on the tour and thank you for the book description and giveaway. I appreciate it!