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Meet the Author:

April spends her time wandering through the woods chasing after a precocious child, trying to keep the voices of her characters in check as they tell their stories. Sometimes, though, those characters need to be heard. That’s when you can find April curled up into a ball surrounded by snacks and playlists with her favorite music, fleshing out the stories in her mind’s eye. She is a member of the Maine Romance Writers. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About the Book:

***The Destruction of Magic is an ongoing series of standalone stories featuring different supernatural families***
There are rules that every supernatural faction lives by. The fae are no exception. Light and Dark, good and evil. Every choice has a consequence, and magic always comes with a price.
Mykah has lived her life for her people, giving everything that she possibly could…until she couldn’t handle anymore. Five years have passed since the beginning of the end, and she was expected to sacrifice herself to right a wrong. Instead, she ran. She ran away from her home, the people she loved, and the life she dreamt of living. Now she finds herself facing not only her past but a future that’s impossible for her to grasp.
To a vampire like Tyler, honor means everything. He has given his life to the throne and will do so until the unlikely day that he dies. His life has never been disrupted, until the day a pint-sized woman calls him a marshmallow only to disappear before he can figure out why she entices him.
Finding herself means more than discovering love, grasping happiness, or anything else that has come before in Mykah’s life. It means being able to choose which path her life will take. Knowing what her future holds, can she choose to walk away from the only man who makes her hesitate?
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Just one more dance and she could leave. One more turn around the ballroom and she could say goodbye. She was afraid to look into his eyes and see the pain there. She had turned away from him to give everything she could for her kingdom. She had sacrificed her life and her very soul, and all she had was this one last dance. Time stood still while he spun her in his arms. She knew where they were, the ballroom she had spent so much time in while she was growing up. The Malice Court had never looked so magnificent. The cracked marble walls were covered with vines, branches of trees and plants converging upon one another to create a beautiful look. There was sun streaming in through windows high above the ground, but they too were covered by vines, so the light was fractured.

Mykah looked up, trying to get a glimpse of Tyler’s face as they moved together, but her eyes wouldn’t focus. She could feel the smile on his lips, but she couldn’t see him. Instead, she looked to his arms, which were covered in a soft black shirt. Her outfit was fit for her station as a princess. Black and red, it hugged her chest as though it was painted on her skin. She felt the band gathered under her breasts and the silk and taffeta creation flow over her body. Her auburn hair fell around her shoulders and reached her waist, where it looked like it was a part of the dress around her.

She couldn’t see them, but she knew that she was wearing something soft and flat on her feet. The room around them was crowded, but she couldn’t see any of their faces at first. As they danced, she saw that all of her friends were there. The royals who had tried so hard to make sure that she was given another chance were standing at the edge of the crowd, smiling at her and Tyler as they passed. Jessica was there, hand in hand with Christopher, and the fae rulers seemed to glow luminescent.

The men were dressed in black, without any further distinction between them than the color of their ties. The women, they were stunning in a way that no one could ever compare. Jessica was wearing a gown of dark gray embellished with blue jewels. Aubrey was standing just to her side, dressed appropriately for the first time Mykah had known her, in attire fitting the Queen of the Damned. Her crown was a simple signet made of bones, sitting upon her head exactly as it should. Adam stood just behind her, and pride filled Mykah’s chest at the sight of the twins embracing their roles. Both Ben and Anaid stood together, each glowing with their own power. Anaid was dressed in a soft turquoise gown that hugged her slim frame until it reached her knees, where it flared out looking like a mermaid’s tail. Before she could see any more details of the others, Tyler guided Mykah to the other side of the ballroom. The people standing along this side of the room did not have any distinction in their faces. She felt their power and knew that they were fae, but she could not figure out who they were.


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