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A disabled cop and his ex-battle giant centipedes and ghouls in a small riverside community that's about to be flooded out.

Jersey Ghouls
A.L. Sirois
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Azure Spider Publications
Publication Date: June 15, 2018
A disabled cop and his ex battle giant centipedes and ghouls in a small riverside community that's about to be flooded out.
The rain-drenched riverside town of Sherwood's Landing, NJ is invaded by a species of centipede from Central America armed with psychedelic venom. Former cop Lafferty "Hoff" Hoffman and his ex-girlfriend Beatrice St. John are swept into terror as their neighbors are enslaved by a centipede-generated group mind. Those remaining free must band together to survive the onslaught of ravenous ghouls.

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Beat came to slowly. At first she was aware only of motion, and the sound of an engine. I’m in a car, she thought, and slowly opened her eyes. Her jaw ached and her head throbbed. Right – that bastard Colazzo socked me. Him and Kip.
    Her vision, blurry at first, slowly cleared. She was in the back seat of a vehicle, probably Kip’s truck; it certainly wasn’t a police car. She blinked. She lay almost full length across the seat, head pointed down toward the floor. There was a metal box under the front seat.
    “I don’t know if this was that good of an idea,” Kip said. He sounded irritated. She couldn’t see either man; the seat blocked her view.
    “You heard them; they want Hoff and Wassleton and Haggerty. What better way to snag Hoff that to lure him in with her?”
    What the actual fuck? thought Beat. She quietly took stock of her injuries, and determined that a sore jaw and a headache were the extent of them.
    “You should have cleared it with them first,” Kip said.
    Who’s ‘them’? Well, it made no difference right now. Though she could scarcely credit it, Colazzo and Kip had attacked and kidnapped her. So where are they taking me? And how do I get out of this mess?
    “What for? You agreed with it on the way,” said Colazzo in a complacent tone.
    “Yeah, well, you didn’t give me much time to think about it.”
    “Come on, Kip; it worked like a charm.”
    Confident that they could not see her, she reached for the small metal box under the front seat. As she had hoped, it was a small roadside emergency kit. With any luck...
“I still think we were a little hasty.”
“Bullshit. You just wish it had been your idea.”
Just keep squabbling, you morons. Beatrice pulled the box toward her as quietly as she could. It wasn’t easy to open without any noise, but she managed it. Inside were some first aid materials, a box of matches, and several roadside flares. She cautiously took one out of the box and examined it.
    Luck was with her – it was one of the self-igniting kind. She took a few moments to plan her next moves.
    It’s not like I have a lot of options.
    When she was ready, she pulled off the cap. The flare hissed and burst into life.

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About A.L. Sirois

A.L. Sirois
A.L. Sirois is a writer, developmental editor, graphic artist and a performing musician. His publication career began in 1973 with the appearance of the short-short story "War Baby" in Fantastic. (It would be called "flash fiction" nowadays.) He has gone on to have fiction in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Fantastic, Amazing Stories, and Thema, and online at Electric Spec, Mystery Weekly, Every Day Fiction and Flash Fiction Online, among other publications. His story "In the Conservatory," from Thema, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. In addition to JERSEY GHOULS, other Sirois works include a children's book, DINOSAUR DRESS UP (Tambourine Press / William Morrow), a graphic novel, THE ENDLESS INCIDENT (2014), and a fantasy novel, THE BOHEMIAN MAGICIAN, published in 2017.
As an artist, he has hundreds of drawings, paintings and illustrations to his credit. Al has contributed comic art for DC, Marvel, and Charlton, and has scripted for Warren Publications. He wrote and drew "Bugs in the System" for witzend #12, the famous comics fanzine started by for MAD artist Wally Wood. He lives in Rockingham County, North Carolina with his wife and occasional collaborator, author Grace Marcus. Together they are writing a Young Adult novel set in ancient Egypt.
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