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Today for Foster An Author week we are going to take a look at The Awaken My Heart series by Danica Raimz!

Awaken My Heart, Ren & Galen’s Story Arc Blurb:
Between the two, there were many missing pieces....

To move beyond her haunting childhood, Ren Hayden smothered her emotional nature year ago. Bright and talented, she’s the conscientious professional during the day, but once off the clock, she slips into destructive patterns she can’t seem to break. When Ren’s criminal step brother, Seth, dies suddenly, she finds herself in danger from the mess he left behind.
Galen Zabriese, the brother of the unsuspecting woman Seth conned, is as brutally honest and devastatingly hot as they come. Plagued by guilt over his past and the need to take care of his fantastically quirky family, he firmly believes he deserves to go through life alone.
When Ren’s emotional armor finally cracks at her brother’s funeral, Galen is first on the scene. As hard as they try to fight it, they can’t deny their immediate, fierce attraction to each other.
But can Ren risk reconnecting to emotions she worked half her life to shut off long enough to allow Galen and his amazing family in? How could someone with her past navigate a real relationship? Will Galen take a leap of faith by trusting himself to love another completely and selflessly? Or will Seth’s sordid past tear them apart before they can find the pieces they’ve been missing in each other?

Between the two, there were many missing pieces. It would take a selfless and fiery sort of love to fill them in.

Jigsaw Hearts

To overcome her sensitive nature, successful entertainment journalist Ren Hayden locks away her emotions along with the scattered pieces of her tragic childhood. The only person she trusts, but probably shouldn’t, is a criminal—her brother, Seth.
When Seth dies unexpectedly, he sets off a chain reaction causing Ren’s coping mechanisms to falter. Unable to make sense of messages she receives from beyond the grave, she can’t stop herself from finding comfort in the arms of Galen Zabriese—the brother of the woman Seth ruthlessly conned.
Ren discovers life’s missing pieces in Galen and steamy experiences in his bed but struggles to feel worthy of his love. While battling his own missing pieces, Galen becomes hell-bent on drawing Ren’s real nature to the surface. Can selfless, true love help them complete each other or will Seth’s past catch up with them first?

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Why couldn’t I just consume it all? After all, we were talking about joy. But I knew the answer: I would never reconcile these Zabriese emotions with my sadness over being here solely because of Seth. I would never live down knowing the truth about Seth in the face of Corinne’s adoration of him. It also felt weird to take part in joy when my life could be in danger over not finding a green box. Then, of course, there were the mixed emotions over having the hot man across the table kiss me like I had never been kissed before. Not that I even allowed men to kiss me often. And when I did … it never felt like that! I mean what were Galen and I supposed to do with the intensity of our kitchen tryst, anyway?
I needed a fix of something. But I didn’t dare smoke around this health-conscious crowd, especially with pregnant Jenna around. I couldn’t start scribbling out checks, either. And sex? Normally, if someone had gone after me like Galen did, I would have found a way to get him into a bedroom somewhere. But that idea seemed all wrong when applied to the guy across the table. Instead, I found myself wishing I could sit next to him; I wanted to know what it felt like for him to drape an arm over my shoulders, his fingers laced through mine. My body tensed over the thought; such romantic, mush-riddled ideas were frightening. If I didn’t pull myself together, I ran the risk of self destruction.

They forged a bond despite all odds. Will their new ‘normal’ allow them to keep it?

Pieces of You, Pieces of Me

It’s amazing how basking in love, trust, and promises can transform a person. I, Ren Hayden, am genuinely happy. Growing ever more secure with our relationship, Galen and I have grand and determined plans for our future together and for helping his sister create the art gallery of her dreams. We are moving past the extreme, harrowing circumstances of finding each other and settling into a new normal.
After a difficult business trip in Vienna involving obnoxious rock star, Tristan Turn, I arrive home to sweet, out-of-the-box gestures from Galen and steamy rendezvous that only confirm the depth of our love. (It’s amazing what you can get away with in a museum.)
But suddenly ... Galen grows distant, behaves strangely, and admits he is keeping something from me. Does his family know what’s going on? Is it the beginning of the end for us? How could a girl like me know? Even my empathic strengths hold few clues. One thing is certain: If the sort of love Galen and I have cannot last, how could true love exist at all?

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“Beautiful work,” I whispered as Gale led me into another small room. One wall was completely covered in a huge canvas that featured billions of human eyes of various size, color, and shape. Before it, was a pleather settee. I supposed it was there so you could take in each and every eye? Play eye spy I Spy? It was dizzying, really.
Before I knew it, Gale had swatted the shoes from my hand, swung me around, and tugged me against a rather pronounced display of arousal. His hands fell to the small of my back, pressing me against him. I rose to tiptoe, my fingers lacing through waves of soft chestnut hair to pull his sweet face down to my level. Then I drank him in with kisses again, occasionally tugging his lower lip with a gentle nibble.
Gale sighed before growling, “I fucking hate Tristan Turn.”
I almost laughed at his intensity, especially since he had no idea how much more I hated the man. But all thought of the joke that was Turn fell away as Galen proceeded to devour me in a way that was anything but funny. His tongue stroked and wrapped around mine possessively, faint notes of champagne a sweet surprise. My brain fell into a stupor, content to let my body take over. And damn, but it wanted what it wanted—and it only wanted Gale. His hands lowered to my bottom and he squeezed my cheeks, which caused me to grind my pelvis against his. My head lolled back in pleasure with a louder sigh than I intended, but he pitched forward to stifle the sound, barely breaking contact with my lips

Ren put her past behind when she became Galen’s whole heart, his whole world. Now ... the past wants her back.

Whole Piece of My Heart

Nothing makes Galen Zabriese happier than time with his soulmate, Ren Hayden. With his mother’s illness behind them and Ren’s career as a biographer showing great promise, he’s ready to propose—as soon as he thinks of the perfect way to do so. The life they want to build for themselves will be an uphill challenge at first, but Gale is convinced it will be a smooth one.

Until the subject of Ren’s latest biography calls her into a negative spotlight.
Until his brother, Dax, crosses a line.
Until Ren disappears.

Suddenly, instead of planning a proposal, Galen must risk everything to find Ren – including his moral compass.

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He looked out my apartment window at the night, at the lights—many in constant motion. Unlike me, he hated Manhattan, but for once I saw what he did: a mecca where people were as common as ants, bustling about—each insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Ren was out there somewhere, wasn't she? The most significant person in this whole city, as far as I was concerned, and she was lost among it all. A needle in a haystack in a place that would eat you alive if you let it. I don't think I had ever seen my city that way before.
And then Hugh finally spoke again: “There's this little question keeps going through my head: What are the chances of someone with Ren's past completely healing from it? As in, maybe something did scare her?”
I shut my eyes and dropped onto the sofa. “You mean me punching Dax.”
Hugh said nothing until I looked at him again. Then he shrugged. “She's got violence in her past, doesn't she? Stepmother beat her up? The scene at your place with those crime gangs?”
“It's not the same thing!” I shouted. My head fell into my hands as I wondered how true that was.
“You were protecting her from Dax,” Hugh said knowingly. “Unnecessarily, but still. And you know what? I think she knows that. And I'm not trying to talk you into believing she left you. But in some ways, isn't that thought better than the alternative? That someone hurt her?”

If someone came forward to reveal to Danica Raimz that, a few years ago, she inadvertently slipped through a tear in the fabric of the universe and into a parallel universe, it would not surprise her the least little bit. In fact, she would welcome any explanation for her new life, new locale, and new way of seeing the world. Living in the South is far different than her New York / New Jersey life, and while everything has its perks, she misses the energy of Manhattan and the whispering beauty of the Catskills. Now, if someone had told her she would be writing steamy romance ... well, that would have flat-out shocked her. Still, if unwillingly uprooting your life and waiting for the dust to settle has any perks, the drive to rebel and regain control of life on your own terms is one of them. Danica now loves to write the sort of romance where sex is the sweet, enticing, satisfying icing on the cake of selfless relationships that are meant to be. A solid story, unique characters, true love, emotional rollercoasters, and steamy encounters are the hallmark of her work.

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