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Good morning readers. Today I want to share my audiobook review of Controlling Cosette by Atty Eve.

My Beautiful Suicide Series #2

Cosette Hugo thought she had fulfilled her wish for a beautiful suicide... but she survived. As she begins the slow road to recovery, the guilt of what she has done has become overwhelming. She vows to put her murderous alter ego, Bonnie, behind her forever. In order to do this, Cosette must rescue Hilda and keep the truth about Hilda's kidnapping a secret. During the rescue things go wrong, and Cosette is forced to kill again. This wakes up Bonnie, now stronger than ever. Tired of the inside turmoil, Cosette has to decide who is going to be in control.

This picks up right where the first one left so I highly recommend you read that one first so that you do not get lost with this second book. There’s so much I want to say about Controlling Cosette but I can’t say much as I am afraid that it would spoil this for anyone who is reading this review. I can say that this is a fast-paced story that continues to let readers immerse themselves and get lost within the storyline and the fantastic narration. The author weaves a story that leaves you holding your breath with this well-developed story chock full of fantastic characters and I look forward to getting my hands on the next installment.

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My review of book one, My Beautiful Suicide can be read here.

{I requested a copy for reviewing purposes via The Audio Flow Reviews and made no guarantee of a favorable review. The opinions expressed herein are unbiased and my own.}

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