About My Absence From Social Media

So where have you been? Why haven't you been keeping up with your blog? Read on as I share the why with you all.

Hello my readers!! Remember me??!! First of all, let me apologize for neglecting you all and the blog. Here's what's been going on in my life.

Back in October, I decided to go and find myself a little part-time job so that I could have some actual real-life adult interactions. In November I was offered the opportunity to advance and in January I got the promotion which immediately catapulted me from working twenty-four hours a week to sixty to seventy hours a week. Let me tell you that I sure loved making the money as working overtime puts me in a nice little bracket. Towards the end of March, I was offered another promotion. However, work has consumed my life and all I do now is sleep and work. I barely get to spend time with my family. I barely get to read and my social media accounts have been super neglected.

Last week I got paid for working one hundred and six hours during a two week period. Oh Lord, what a paycheck. I did, however, sit back and start wondering why I have allowed my life to be overwhelmed by work? Life is simply too short and I need to start enjoying myself again. So, when I go into work tomorrow morning I will be turning down the promotion and start living my life outside of work again. The stress and anxiety I have been experiencing since I started taking on such an overwhelming workload will be dramatically reduced along with my paycheck size but man....I'll be free to be me once again.

I will slowly but surely start posting more frequently here on the blog and on the social media accounts and my love of reading will once again have an integral part in my life.

Thank you all for sticking around and bearing with me.

Until next time!!

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