About Me



Hello and welcome to my blog. The first thing you should know about me is that I dislike having my picture taken and never smile for them as is evident in this photo:



I first started this blog as a way of tracking the books I read and reviewed. Little by little I started interacting with authors and other bloggers on Facebook and my blog took on a whole new life. Things were going along smoothly until Google+ permanently revoked my account because according to the automated email, I was spamming. I tried in vain to fight this but to no avail. However, this did not deter me and led me to open a page on Facebook which as of the writing of this post has over 4900 followers.


I love to read from all genres with the exclusion of Westerns as they are just not my cup of tea. I love sharing and promoting my love of books and the authors who transport me all over the world, out of this world and everything in between with the stories and characters they so lovingly create. Authors are a true gift to this world and it is our responsibility to promote them in any way we can.


I was born and raised in New Jersey and have been living in Missouri since 2003. I am the mother of four children and grandmother to five strapping boys. My daughter and I co-own YA/NA Book Divas as she too has a passion for reading. 


Feel free to email me any time you like and thank you for taking the time to read this.